Red Sea Hammerhead

This is a Hammerhead Shark taken on Daedalus Reef in the Southern Red Sea. This was part of a group of 5 sharks that tended to keep their distance then…


Sand Tiger – North Carolina

This is a Sand Tiger Shark taken on a wreck in North Carolina. North Carolina was subject to a significant amount of u-boat activity during WWII and consequently has its…


Cenote Kukulkán Mexico

This was taken whilst diving Cenote Kulkulkan on the Yucatan Peninsula. The Cenotes are underground cave systems formed of limestone and often provide ‘gin’ clear fresh water diving and points…


Mouth of the Anemone

Whilst busy taking pictures of the red skirts that these anemone have the current caught this one and opened it up to reveal its mouth and a very small clown…


Up Close

close up of a Sea Lion as it flashed past, it looked more startled than me when the strobe went of. Taken with a Canon G16 and a Sea &…


Whale shark in the shallow

South Ari Atoll Marine protected area (Maldives) is one of the few place in the world where you can encounter whale share all year around.