Serpiola’s eye

This photo was taken in Sesimbra, last September. Due to a previledged location near the Sado river estuary and in a coastline naturaly protected from the waves Sesimbra’s marine ecosystems…


Standing nudibranch

This image depicts a nudibranch from the species chromodoris willani as if it were standing on its hindquarters. I took it in Puerto Galera in the Philippines.


Phyllodesmium karenae

This image depicts an individual from the nudibranch species phyllodesmium karenae in Anilao in the Philippines.


Anemone Shrimp

This image depicts an anemone shrimp in Anilao in the Philippines.


Shaun the Sheep

My favourite creature under the sea. He’s tiny! About the size of half a grain of rice. He’s currently sitting on the edge of a halimeda leaf so you can…


Great White Cruising

A bit more of an artsy print, the crystal clear waters at guadeloupe allowed for a few different shooting techniques. This one was edited in Lightroom originally has a high…