Palau Diving Adventures

The best way to dive the Palau is with a liveabord. You will cruise around beautiful green islands and dive with sharks, mantarays, jellyfish, caves and wrecks.

Sharks of the Azores

There is not so many divespots in Europe for shark diving. One place thats is one of the best in the world is the Azores, Pico. Here you can dive…

Crocs of Chinchorro

Have you think about to go in to the water with crocs? I have and is a safe amazing adventure.

200 bars

In the sea, time is the master, guiding the pace of life. Night falls, the day comes up. Waves and tides run the bottom and walls of sand and rock. For the life forms that…

A Whale Shark encounter on a Solo Dive

A 30 minute solo dive with a 4m Whale Shark at Chumpon Pinnale in Koh Tao, Thailand. My first ever close encounter with a Whale Shark. What an experience! I…