Tauchen Award for the Scubapro Everflex suit


Scubapro is extremely proud to have won, yet again, a bronze Dolphin and would like to thank all the divers who voted for Scubapro and made this success possible!

Every autumn TAUCHEN diving magazine asks its readers about the best products and services out there. Who performed well enough to deserve a prestigious TAUCHEN award? The entire industry eagerly awaits the nominations and after a tense few weeks the winners are finally revealed.

The 24th January was the all-important evening. The Düsseldorf club ‘Nachtresidenz’ offered the perfect setting for the entertaining presentation of the bronze dolphins – the “Oscars” of the diving industry. The awards for 2019 were split in to several categories and were awarded to manufacturers, diving resorts, travel companies and training organisations that according to the readers of TAUCHEN, were the best in 2018.

Scubapro were nominated in all 5 technical categories: regulators, computers, wet-semidry suits, drysuits and BCDs and picked up the award for the best suit – the Everflex. Another Dolphin could be taken back the Scubapro offices in Nürnberg. With this result Scubapro remains the long time winner: 21 Awards and 62 nominations – something that no other manufacturer has managed to achieve!

Scubapro is honoured to have won another award and would like to thank again all the divers who also believe: Deep down you want the best!

For more information about Scubapro visit their website by clicking here.

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