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Review: The Rescue



National Geographic’s latest documentary, “The Rescue”, tells the remarkable story from 2018 when a football team became stuck in a cave in Northern Thailand.

It is now showing on Disney + and Scubaverse blogger, Alex Tasker, was keen to watch it. Here is what he thought…

I was fascinated by this story in 2018 and that’s undiminished now. It’s got it all – extreme jeopardy, a ticking clock, politics, unconventional heroes, maverick rule-breaking, even romance! I defy anyone to be moved by the heroism and human endeavour portrayed in this movie.

We already know the ending, and the documentary style is pretty straightforward, but it’s still thrilling. While the story itself needs no embellishment, the photography is great (as you’d expect from NatGeo!), supported by cgi visualisations of the cave structure, reconstructions of some of the terrifying action and brand new interview footage.

In those interviews we learn a bit about the characteristics of those key individuals, their backstories and how they became the few men who could pull off such an incredible rescue. They are remarkably frank about the ups and downs of the rescue and how they were personally able to cope with those mind-boggling challenges over the days that passed before it could be executed.

Watch the trailer:

If you enjoyed the documentary and want to read more about this incredible rescue, then “Aquanaut” by Rick Stanton and “Thirteen Lessons that Saved Thirteen Lives” by John Volanthen are both good reads.

For more on how you can watch it visit the Disney+ website by clicking here.

Alex was a hardy teenager when he first dived in the North Sea in a borrowed wetsuit but only really got into diving with his partner in 2009. They’ve ticked off a few bucket-list destinations but remain enthusiastic about all that UK diving has to offer. Alex only learned to use a camera properly since taking one underwater and now rarely dives without it. He’s recently expanded his interest in photographing shipwrecks into some experiments with photogrammetry, with ambitions to produce some archaeologically useful models.


The BiG Scuba Podcast Episode 171: Kirk Krack & DEEP



Gemma and Ian from the BiG Scuba Podcast recently visited the team at DEEP. Kirk Krack is the Human Diver Performance Lead. This podcast conversation with Kirk was recorded back in 2020 and sets the scene showcasing Kirks diving experience. More information and conversation will be featured in future episodes about DEEP.

In this episode, Gemma and Ian also talk about Dive Fitness, Ian’s Dry suit, an upcoming dive trip to the M2 wreck, and this year’s upcoming Go Diving Show.

You can listen to Episode 171 of the BiG Scuba Podcast here.

Find more podcast episodes and information at the new website and on most social platforms @thebigscuba

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Miscellaneous Blogs

Book Review: The Lives of Seaweeds



The Lives of Seaweeds: A Natural History of Our Planet’s Seaweeds and Other Algae by  Julie A. Phillips

This is a beautifully illustrated book. Whether you love your algae and seaweed already, or want to learn more. The images and illustrations are enough to make you want to dip into its pages over and over again. Some are so wonderfully detailed it feels like the seaweeds have been pressed onto the pages.

From the majestic kelp forests to the single cell flagilates, this book covers the biology and ecology of these incredible organisms that have found a way to survive and flourish in nearly every ecosystem you can think of.

The final chapter covers how vital algae and seaweed is for our very survival. Whether by directly providing food and pharmaceuticals, to their essential role in the fight against the climate crisis. The provide food and habitats for many other species too.

This book is packed with detail on species found all over the globe. Throughout the book, you can discover incredible details and facts, that accompany the incredible imagery. Anyone that loves the marine world or is simply curious about the natural world will love to have this stunning book on their shelves.

What the publisher says:

As photosynthetic organisms, seaweeds and other algae transfer billions of tons of carbon globally from the atmosphere to the deep ocean each year. Coming in all manner of colors, shapes, and sizes, from bioluminescent single-celled algae to giant kelps, they form the basis of most marine food webs, and are found in almost all environments on the planet. Touted as the biofuel of the future, seaweeds and algae also hold promise for biodegradable packaging, offer a nutritious food source, and exhibit antiviral and antitumor properties.

Combining accessible text with stunning images and graphics, this book takes a deep dive to explore the unique characteristics of seaweeds and other algae, outlining their extraordinary evolution as well as their morphology, life histories, ecology, and uses. Offering rare insights into the algal world, The Lives of Seaweeds is essential reading for naturalists and marine life enthusiasts.

About the Author:

Julie A. Phillips is an environmental consultant in aquatic ecosystem health, algal blooms, and seaweed communities. She has investigated a diverse range of algal projects on reproduction, life histories, ultrastructure of motile cells, chemical composition of pheromones, taxonomy, biogeography, invasive species, ecology, biodiversity, and conservation. Prior to consultancy, she was research fellow at Monash University and the University of Queensland.

Book Details

Publisher: Princeton University Press


Price: £30

ISBN: 9780691230177

Published: 21st November, 2023

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