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learn to dive

If you ever wondered what’s the exciting buzz around the RAID Diver Agency, we can tell you right here!

The prestigious Royal Thai Marine Police have chosen RAID as their trusted agency for their Underwater Operations Course.

learn to dive

This intense and rigorous course is designed to equip the force with the specialized skills and expertise needed for all underwater operations, ensuring they are totally prepared for the challenges of their critical missions.

With RAID‘s comprehensive training, the Royal Thai Marine Police will be well-prepared to handle the demands of their underwater tasks.

learn to divelearn to dive

Why RAID? Truly Different?

The RAID philosophy is we are divers, not Recreational or Technical, just divers.

We all start with our first breath underwater with limited knowledge and experience. How much theoretical knowledge individuals may want is a personal choice.

However, when it comes to practical experience, there should be no difference to the required skill foundation and learning the fundamentals of diving is crucial.

With the roots of RAID International being founded in a technical background, the ethos is to provide all divers with solid fundamental skills of diving buoyancy, hover & trim which provide a robust platform for any future training in whatever direction they decides interests them.

How do RAID do that?

RAID conduct all dive skill training how you would use it practically. Perfect buoyancy with good hover and trim position.

learn to dive

Other agencies teach you to sit on the bottom and do skills! Do you go to the bottom every time you want to clear your mask?

learn to dive

learn to dive

Dive training in a class of its own.

RAID FREe-Learning.

No smoke and mirrors with RAID, there is nothing to hide.

Everyone can access any and all of RAID course theory and skills manuals online and downloadable without any charge or commitment.

Truly FREe-Learning

You bet that wasn’t popular with the book selling agencies!

If that wasn’t enough, additionally, all the skills videos, are available on YouTube with FREE access.

The core of RAID‘s ethos is to provide all divers with solid fundamental skills of diving buoyancy with perfect hover & trim providing a robust platform for any future training.

To enable that, RAID Professionals must have skills honed to the highest level, always performed with consummate ease and completely naturally.

To access the whole FREe-Learning library completely without any commitment or cost, simply register with RAID by scanning the QR code.

No one will contact you, you are free to download and peruse whatever you want to.

Should you decide you would like to know more or would like to take a course contact James at RAID UK and he will direct you to your local RAID centre.

James Rogers
+44 191 4324644

RAID – A Global Agency

RAID has Regional Offices around the world all fully embedded in the governing bodies of diver training.

WRSTC Member USA, ERSTC Member EU, Worldwide ISO Certified, RTC founding member.

RAID Dive Centres are in all corners of the UK!

All ready to offer divers and beginners a friendly welcoming new standard of service. Whether you are ready to take your first breath or an experienced exploration diver, make visiting a RAID Dive Centre your next step.

Here are just a few suggestions.

Bay Divers

West Coast Diving

SevernTec Diving
Pirates Dive Club
Tyne and Wear
Dive South
+44 7976 392686

RAID – Holiday Destinations

Looking to take a dive trip with your club or personally, here are just a few popular RAID dive holiday destination ideas for the UK based diver.

South Africa 

Click to contact the Regional Office for a full list of dive destinations in that region.


Pharaoh Dive Club
Roots Red Sea, El Quseir, Egypt
+20 10068 22000

Multi award winning centre offering special ‘Dive & Stay’ packages

Scuba Dreamer Diving College
Park Regency, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
+20 122 7150550

Based at Park Regency & Beach Promenade providing a full 5* package


Fehivina Dhangethi &
Dhodhi – Dhiffushi – North Male’ Atoll
+96 07913075

Range of accommodation options available

Jerrys Dive Club
Rasdhoo, Maldives
+960 772 7876

Stay at Jerry’s Guest House


Prana Dive
Kabupaten Karaangasem, Bali, Indonesia
+62 813 3877 5345

Why not stay with us at Teratai Boutique Resort


Roctopus Dive
Ko Tao, Thailand
+66 99 470 4566 
Not just a dive centre; a vibrant community of ocean enthusiasts deeply rooted in the tropical waters of Koh Tao.
Roctopus Dive excels as a premier dive center on Koh Tao, celebrated for our exceptional partnership with RAID dive training. With a robust focus on professionalism and safety, we’ve cultivated a team renowned for their dedication to diver safety and education.


Adventure Mania
Sodwana Bay, South Africa
+27 82 653 7824

Adventure Mania takes pride in providing personalised, eco-conscious dives that highlight the beauty of protected coral reefs and marine life. This family diving business, nestled within a Marine Protected Area, offers a diving experience that is as educational as it is exhilarating.

Adventure Mania’s expert instructors and staff have a deep-rooted passion for ocean conservation. They not only guide divers through breathtaking underwater landscapes but emphasise the importance of marine preservation. Teaching diving with Adventure Mania goes beyond imparting technical skills; it embraces fostering a respect for the ocean.

Durban, South Africa
+27 79 779 4242

ScubaCo is a boutique RAID Dive Centre operating on the Kwa-Zulu Natal coastline of South Africa. ScubaCo are specialists in both shark and reef diving as well as featuring the annual Sardine Run migration as they are so well positioned to offer the best of the best.

Many clients enjoy our wonderful packages with ScubaCo Guest House accommodation coupled to amazing dive options – Shark Diving, Big 5 Safari & Diving the Sardine Run.

This destination is a must for every Diver and should be on your bucket list for dive travel.

Make sure to add Aliwal Shoal to your next Diving holiday and let Tamara and her team take fantastic care of you while in South Africa.

Dive & Travel the RAID way

When you see the RAID emblem at a dive centre around the world you can be assured that the  highest standards of diver training are being provided, knowing all RAID professionals have met the testing criteria to achieve their professional rank.

learn to dive


PADI Recognises EMEA Members with New Professional Development Excellence Award



PADI® (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) has recently launched their new Professional Development Excellence Award in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), celebrating PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centers (IDC)  that are championing creating more PADI Professionals, at all levels, during the previous calendar year.

“While becoming a PADI Five Star IDC Center is a prized accreditation amongst members, this exclusive rating comes with the responsibility of training the next generation of divers to become PADI Instructors,” explains Dave Murray, Managing Director for PADI EMEA.

“PADI’s commitment to a continuing education philosophy encourages divers to realise their dreams of a career as a PADI Pro, teaching others to do what they love – to scuba dive. This new recognition award distinguishes productive PADI Five Star IDC stores for the time and effort they dedicate to marketing and conducting the professional training needed to grow the scuba diving industry.”

PADI’s EMEA Professional Development Excellence Award recognises members for reaching specific milestones based on the number of PADI Pro certifications they issue annually. It also provides an extra layer of credentials in their “Pro Development Status” to potential Divemaster and IDC candidates, along with any other prospective Pro-level customers and prospective employees.

The first awards were distributed earlier this year, with 12 PADI Five Star IDC Centers receiving the Platinum Award. This means that they have issued a minimum of 100 PADI Professional certifications from Divemaster to IDC Staff Instructor, which include 30 Core Professional certifications and 70 Continuing Education Instructor level certifications.


The 2025 PADI EMEA Professional Development Excellence Award is already underway and renewed PADI EMEA Five Star IDC Dive Centers and Resorts are automatically eligible. Stores that reach the recognition levels during 2024 will receive their award in the first quarter of 2025.

For more information about the award and to see the full list of award recipients visit here.

About PADI 

PADI® (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) is the largest purpose-driven diving organization with a global network of 6,600 dive centers and resorts, 128,000 professional members, and more than 30 million certified divers to date. Committed to our blue planet, PADI makes the wonder of the underwater world accessible to all, empowering people around the world to experience, explore and take meaningful action, as Ocean TorchbearersTM, to protect the world beneath the surface. For over 50 years, PADI is undeniably The Way the World Learns to Dive®, setting the standard for the highest quality dive training, underwater safety and conservation initiatives while evolving the sport of diving into a passionate lifestyle. For divers by divers, PADI is obsessed with transforming lives and, with its global foundation, PADI AWARETM, creating positive ocean change. Seek Adventure. Save the Ocean.SM

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Two great programs to thrill and excite from RAID



RAID’s Performance Diver program is part of the training agency’s unique ‘tune-up’ options for divers at all levels, from basic to technical. Its appeal to newer divers who did not get all they wanted from their open water course (perhaps with a non-RAID dive centre) has always been strong. But it’s a winning option for someone who has been inactive for a while as well.

The skills taught in this course have been designed by some of the most respected dive professionals in the industry. They have condensed years of in-water experience into a great program that’s fuelled by great ideas and solid knowledge. Something useful in all sorts of conditions and all sorts of gear configurations. In short, a range of skills you will use on every dive: buoyancy, trim, situational awareness, gear selection and management, contingency planning… having fun and staying safe.

You can find out more about RAID’s Performance Diver program here.

And with the agency’s renewed focus in 2024 on breath-hold programs, July is a good time to read about the benefits of RAID’s range of Freediving courses.

Freediving is such an exhilarating and beautiful sport that allows you to connect with the underwater world in a unique way.

The thrill of diving deep down, holding your breath, and exploring the depths with just a single breath is truly an unforgettable experience.

It requires focus, control, and a deep respect for the ocean. The sense of freedom and tranquility you can find while freediving is unlike any other.

Have you ever tried freediving or are you interested in learning more about it? You do not have to be a scuba diver to start… not at all!

And if you are already a diver, RAID can help you discover a whole new way to look at a familiar world.

You can find out more about RAID’s Freediving courses here.

To find out more about RAID and the agency’s diver training programs, visit

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