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Book Review: Blind Descent by James M. Tabor

Blind Descent by James M. Tabor takes the reader into the world of super caves, to perpetual night and the remarkable men and women who...

Book Review: Fatally Flawed by Verna van Schaik

Fatally Flawed describes the journey from novice diver to World Record Holder for the deepest cave dive for a woman. However, the book is more...

Book Review: Goldfinder by Keith Jessop and Neil Hanson

It was hailed as “The Salvage of the Century”. A British consortium, with an international team of divers, working on the fringe of deep diving...

Book Review: Raising the Dead by Phillip Finch

Sometimes a dramatic story, coupled with a skilled and perceptive narrative can take us to another world. Raising the Dead, by Phillip Finch does just...

Book Review: Death in Dahab by Avi Bernstein

Death in Dahab, Avi Bernstein’s debut novel, has all the ingredients of a crime-based thriller: The drowning of a trainee scuba diver in mysterious circumstances...

Book Review: Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson

In the first in a new series of book reviews, Fred Lockwood reviews Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson… Imagine you are a scuba diver inside...

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Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village is a Bedouin-owned resort with stunning views and a lovely private beach. It is ideal for divers as everything is onsite including the resort's jetty, dive centre and house reef. The warm hospitality makes for a diving holiday like no other. There is an excellent seafood restaurent and beach bar onsite, and with the enormous diversity of the Sharm El Sheikh dive sites and the surrounding areas of the South Sinai, there really is something for every level of diver to enjoy.

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