Manager of NAUI Services Southern Africa Announces Retirement


NAUIAfter more than 22 years of support to NAUI, Michael van Niekerk has announced his retirement as Manager of NAUI Services Southern Africa, which was effective as of last Thursday (June 30, 2016).

In addition to his management of operations in Southern Africa, van Niekerk, NAUI #16899, served as a member of the NAUI Board of Directors during two terms from 2006 to 2009 and 2010 to 2013.

“Mike and Ursula are a great team and have worked diligently to grow and improve NAUI efforts in Southern Africa,” said NAUI Executive Director Dallas Edmiston. “They will be missed, but we wish them well in retirement.”

While stepping down from the day-to-day management of NAUI member service and support, van Niekerk still plans to remain active as a NAUI leader.

“Ursula and I have truly enjoyed our time with NAUI Services Group Southern Africa,” said van Niekerk. “Now it’s time to focus more on us than on NAUI. We still plan to remain involved as members of this great Association but at a pace and on a scale that’s more in-tune with our lifestyle at this time.”

Quintin de Boer, NAUI #48271, assumed the role as manager of NAUI Services Southern Africa on Friday of last week 1st July 2016). Physical operations at the old service center ceased on July 1, 2016, and resumed at the below location yesterday (4th July, 2016). All correspondence concerning NAUI products and services in Southern Africa should be sent to the address below.

NAUI Services Southern Africa
70 Van Gorkom Street
Elarduspark x 1
South Africa

Send correspondence to:

NAUI Services Southern Africa
PostNet Suite #507
Private Bag x 10
South Africa

+27 (0) 79 718 7604


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