United States Freediving Association announce roster for Team USA 2016


The United States Freediving Association (USFA) have announced the official roster for Team USA 2016.

These are the freedivers from across the United States who will represent the country at the World Championships in Kalamata, Greece between the 17th – 25th of September:

  1. Tom Gilmore of Florida (Team Captain)
  2. Kurt Randolph of Ohio
  3. Christopher Funada of Hawaii
  4. Meghan Gilmore of Alabama & California
  5. Ashleigh Baird of Florida
  6. Michelle Marsh of Hawaii

The United States Freediving Association (USFA) represents US Freedivers nationally and Team USA internationally. The USFA are an assembly member of AIDA (Association Internationale pour le Développement de l’Apnée), the international governing body for the sport of competitive freediving. To be a member of AIDA International, one must be a member of one of their National Associations (and in the US that is the USFA).

The USFA sanctions all US National Records and competitions, mediates sponsorship for Team USA and promotes safety and participation in the sport of competitive and recreational freediving.

To find out more about the United States Freediving Association, visit www.usafreediving.com.

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