Killer Whales Attacking Seal Close To Boat


When we came back to our house in Rainy Bay we were surpised by a killer whale who seemed to be interested in our boat. This HD footage and other can be purchased via website
We discovered a harbour sealwas hiding under our boat and a second killer whale came up. they flushed the seal out and eventually ate it. For those who do not like this do not watch beyond 6 minutes or so

[youtube id=”6sghQ7vQS5Y” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Peter Mieras

Peter Mieras

Peter Mieras and his wife Kathy own and run Rendezvous Dive Adventures, a small diving resort in the heart of Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, Canada. Peter has dived all over the world and is an accomplished underwater filmmaker. Along with Rendezvous Dive Adventures and his film work, Peter keeps busy with various research and conservation projects. For more information on Peter visit

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