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O’behave Part 1

[youtube id=”DsUmakXiuUY” width=”100%” height=”350px”] Barkley Sound is home to a great many species of nudibranchs in equal amount of sizes and colours. It strikes me...

Undersea Dragons

Short documentary on the Giant Nudibranch. Finalist in the 2012 Tacoma Dive & Travel Expo film competition. By Peter Mieras (Subvision Productions). [youtube id=”OyyukodgxZ8″ width=”100%”...

Mantas of Socorro Island

A manta dance of the coast of Socorro Island. [youtube id=”-W7Akh1iji4″ width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Diving off Socorro Island

A summary of a trip with the Nautilus Explorer in December 2012. Great trip with sharks, manta rays, dolphins and much more. And for those...

Six Gill Shark Encounter Barkley Sound Vancouver Island

At a known divesite with divers from Sweden, Germany,USA and UK. A 10 minute swim along with this 10 foot (3meter) long sixgillshark. It was...

Diving With A Six Gill Shark On Vancouver Island

These sharks haven’t changed essentially since 150 million years and you are looking at a living underwater dinosaur. [youtube id=”zG_IMFCOq-E” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Giant Pacific Octopus Swims With Diver

Female giant pacific octopus takes interest in male underwater videographer on Diplock reef, Barkley sound, Vancouver Island, Canada. [youtube id=”9ClNSh3YEUw” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Sharks Of The Cold Waters

An interview with Dr. Chris Harvey Clark about six gill sharks. [youtube id=”p2aoxQI8mRM” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Mugged By Sealions

A dive at Chup Point was a nice encounter with sealion. [youtube id=”rVIVI-aIhSY” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Orca Surprise

Orca surprise when we were on our way to meet the local ferry. 3 adults and 1 young whale seemingly hunting fish. [youtube id=”YZa2zaJURLQ” width=”100%”...

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Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village is a Bedouin-owned resort with stunning views and a lovely private beach. It is ideal for divers as everything is onsite including the resort's jetty, dive centre and house reef. The warm hospitality makes for a diving holiday like no other. There is an excellent seafood restaurent and beach bar onsite, and with the enormous diversity of the Sharm El Sheikh dive sites and the surrounding areas of the South Sinai, there really is something for every level of diver to enjoy.

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