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O’behave Part 1

[youtube id=”DsUmakXiuUY” width=”100%” height=”350px”] Barkley Sound is home to a great many species of nudibranchs in equal amount of sizes and colours. It strikes me...

Undersea Dragons

Short documentary on the Giant Nudibranch. Finalist in the 2012 Tacoma Dive & Travel Expo film competition. By Peter Mieras (Subvision Productions). [youtube id=”OyyukodgxZ8″ width=”100%”...

Mantas of Socorro Island

A manta dance of the coast of Socorro Island. [youtube id=”-W7Akh1iji4″ width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Diving off Socorro Island

A summary of a trip with the Nautilus Explorer in December 2012. Great trip with sharks, manta rays, dolphins and much more. And for those...

Six Gill Shark Encounter Barkley Sound Vancouver Island

At a known divesite with divers from Sweden, Germany,USA and UK. A 10 minute swim along with this 10 foot (3meter) long sixgillshark. It was...

Diving With A Six Gill Shark On Vancouver Island

These sharks haven’t changed essentially since 150 million years and you are looking at a living underwater dinosaur. [youtube id=”zG_IMFCOq-E” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Giant Pacific Octopus Swims With Diver

Female giant pacific octopus takes interest in male underwater videographer on Diplock reef, Barkley sound, Vancouver Island, Canada. [youtube id=”9ClNSh3YEUw” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Sharks Of The Cold Waters

An interview with Dr. Chris Harvey Clark about six gill sharks. [youtube id=”p2aoxQI8mRM” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Mugged By Sealions

A dive at Chup Point was a nice encounter with sealion. [youtube id=”rVIVI-aIhSY” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Orca Surprise

Orca surprise when we were on our way to meet the local ferry. 3 adults and 1 young whale seemingly hunting fish. [youtube id=”YZa2zaJURLQ” width=”100%”...

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