Join this Citizen Science Expedition in search of Mobula Rays in the Sea of Cortez


Join the amazing crew of The Quino el Guardian and Marine Biologists Marta D. Palacios and Frida Lara Lizardi on one of the most inspiring dive adventures: DEVIL RAYS in the Sea of Cortez! This trip of a lifetime will take place from November 4-11, 2017 and costs $2200 per person based on Quad Occupancy / La Paz to Cabo. There are also limited places with flight credit available.

Once called DEVIL RAYS by fishermen, sailors, and explorers, the young and upcoming Marine Biologists call them MOBULAS. Scientific study is about observation, documentation, studying behavioral patterns, compiling data and then analysis. That is what the Mobula Expedition is all about. You, Marta and Frida will answer:

What do Mobulas eat? Mobulas are filter feeders. We will observe their feeding behavior and take water samples from the Sea of Cortez to determine just what they eat.

Where do Mobulas swim to and how far? Right now Marta is tracking and collecting data on Mobulas through a network of acoustic receivers placed in Cabo Pulmo, Cerralvo Island, and Espiritu Santos.

Why do Mobulas like Espiritu Santo so much? Juveniles are drawn to Ensenada Grande, a shallow bay at Espiritu Santo Island. You will observe and collect data during your dives in the day and at night. Maybe the bay offers protection for feeding and growing?


This is a unique trip – it’s all about Mobulas and the primary goal will be finding them. The following is the planned itinerary but is subject to change should the Mobulas have other things in mind!
  • Saturday – Board at 5pm / Depart promptly to begin looking for Mobulas!
  • Sunday – 2 Dives at Cabo Pulmo / Look for Mobulas – go to Isla Cerralvo
  • Monday – 2 Dives at Isla Cerralvo and 1 night dive with Mobulas at Ensenada Grande
  • Tuesday – Wake up at El Bajo and look for Mobulas, 2 dives at Los Islotes and 1 night dive with Mobulas – travel to Las Animas overnight
  • Wednesday – 4 dives around Las Animas and San Diego – overnight run to La Paz
  • Thursday – Look for Mobulas around La Paz – 1 to 2 dives on wrecks – start going south overnight
  • Friday – During the day run south looking for Mobulas all day – overnight run to San Jose del Cabo
  • Saturday – Disembark at San Jose at 7am.

For more information please email Susan Long or visit

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