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New Mobile App Transforms Any Smartphone into a Tool for Ocean Protection



A smartphone app from the environmental organization Project AWARE® will enable scuba divers around the world to record levels of marine debris now causing increasing problems for wildlife and ocean habitats.

The app is designed to make it easier for scuba divers to register information on the man-made debris they encounter on their dives, building a dataset shared with science and conservation bodies.

The app includes a list of common debris items and uses geo-location for quick and easy reporting.

Project AWARE developed the mobile app to support the data submission process for its global underwater marine debris survey Dive Against Debris®, which began in 2011 in an attempt to map the extent of the underwater problem.

Marine debris is defined to include any anthropogenic, manufactured, or processed solid material discarded or washed into the sea. Awareness of the problem of plastic and other pollution of the ocean has risen sharply in recent years, with litter being ingested by marine mammals and seabirds and microplastics now traced in the remotest seas including the deep waters of the Arctic.

Divers are increasingly in the vanguard of the so-called ‘citizen scientist’ movement working alongside academic bodies to map the scale and extent of marine litter and help governments meet the objectives of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter, which builds on the 2011 Honolulu Strategy and seeks to protect human health and the global environment by the reduction and management of marine debris.

Danna Moore, Project AWARE’s Director, Global Operations, said: “For many people, marine debris is a problem that’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind once it enters the marine environment. This is mainly because 70 percent of marine debris that enters the ocean sinks to the seafloor. That’s why scuba divers are so critical to this movement – they have the unique ability to bring to the surface what’s going on beneath the waves. This app is going to make a huge difference in gathering critically-needed data to reveal the extent of the global marine debris crisis for scientists and help conservationists to advocate for change. There is a tide of debris suffocating the ocean. We have to reverse it.”

How the App works:

  • After the dive, divers simply report all the debris items removed along with the dive conditions and any photos.
  • The dive site’s latitude and longitude can be easily added using information from the mobile device.
  • No data connection? No problem. The app will store divers’ data as a draft for submission once connection is resumed.
  • Data becomes part of a global dataset to help drive long-term change and address the global marine debris crisis.
  • Through the App, divers are also encouraged to report debris free dive sites.

The free Dive Against Debris® App is available now for iOS and Android devices from the App Store or Google Play. For more information visit:


Breaking News: Captain charged in Conception boat fire tragedy



According to reports in the international press today, it has been announced that the Captain of the dive boat Conception, which was completely destroyed by fire last year, resulting in the tragic loss of 34 passengers and crew, has been charged with 34 counts of seaman’s manslaughter. 

The Captain Jerry Nehl Boylan was among five crew members to escape the blaze on board Conception, a dive boat operated by Truth Aquatics, which took place in the early hours of 2 September 2019 whilst the boat was moored offshore, close to Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California.

The BBC reports that Mr Boylan has not publicly commented on the charges, and is expected to surrender to the authorities at a later date. According to the BBC, each charge of seaman’s manslaughter carries up to 10 years in federal prison.

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Crossover to NAUI for FREE!



As a boost to help the diving industry, NAUI are still offering a FREE Instructor cross-over course together with five free certifications to all Instructors. This can include Open Water, Advance, Rescue, Nitrox and various other specialities and can be mixed and matched so all five do not necessarily need to be for the same certification.

NAUI have also frozen the membership fees for 2021 for instructors crossing over or restarting.

NAUI’s Southern UK Rep Simon Lodge says: “Throughout this year, the diving industry has severely suffered so as a result, to help kickstart the diving industry NAUI will not be charging membership fees 2020/2021 to any new instructors.” 

Founded in 1960, NAUI Worldwide is one of the scuba industry’s largest not-for-profit agencies whose purpose is to enable people to enjoy underwater activities as safely as possible by providing the highest quality practical education, and to actively promote the preservation and protection of the world’s underwater environments. As a pioneer in diving education, NAUI has developed many of the programs and concepts accepted throughout the diving industry. NAUI: A Higher Standard!

For more details please contact Simon Lodge (Southern UK Rep) on or Craig Warner (Northern UK Rep) on

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