Introducing Scuba Yoga with Aquanauts Grenada


Wait, what? Scuba Yoga? So you do yoga poses underwater? How does that work?

Well, actually Yoga is a philosophy and addresses many aspects of our daily lives. As a scuba diver, you are already practicing Yoga and especially the non-harming aspect of the eight legs of Yoga, Ahimsa.

As a scuba diver you are conscious of your breathing in the beginning and as you get more confident you use your breath to navigate you through the underwater world. That is where scuba yoga sets in; it can help you to be more in control of yourself in an environment where we all came from but lost the connection with thousands of years ago.

Scuba yoga is a breathing technique in the first instance and an exercise in consciousness in the second. Of course you do some asanas to prepare your body for wearing that scuba gear. But mainly it teaches you how to mentally prepare for scuba diving – not only to overcome initial anxieties, but also to enhance the whole experience. When your mind is prepared for what to expect you will be more conscious of your surroundings, enjoy the peace and tranquillity under water even more, and you will become a safer and more confident diver.

A course with Aquanauts Grenada includes yoga classes, meditation, pool sessions, two open water dives and a PADI YOGA DIVER certification. You can book it anytime with a week’s notice and it takes between 2-3 days. The course is open to all basic certified divers and a special recommendation for everyone who wants to go further into technical diving.

Scuba Yoga Weeks 2017

17th – 24th June

1st – 8th July

1st September – 7th October

18th – 25th November

9th – 16th December

Packages start at USD$1,768 per person.

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