Help FinFighters make the UK shark fin & meat free


UK shark conservation organisation Fin Fighters have just launched a CrowdFunder and need your help! Fin Fighters, who organise the popular annual SharkFest event, is on a mission to end the sale of shark fin and meat in the UK by 2023. Funds will be used to finish the documentary ‘Finito’, host UK filming screenings and provide positive, collaborative action workshops for those in the seafood industry.


British people eating shark. It may not sound plausible. But it happens every day! British people eating endangered shark? Yes, that’s happening here too.  In top end restaurants, at fishmongers, in chip shops. And it isn’t illegal.

Fin Fighters want to work with people catching, distributing and selling shark to:

1. Protect sharks, especially the Endangered ones

2. Protect people – they’ve tested shark for heavy metals – they are seriously bad for you!

3. Protect the oceans by making sure the top predators don’t become extinct

This isn’t a problem isolated to the UK, but the organisation is based in Bristol so are starting their UK and global movement there.  The CrowdFunder aims to change things locally and inspire change nationally.

In return for pledges there are some SERIOUSLY SHARKY thank you packages and heaps of sharky treats up for grabs – wildlife tours, film premiere tickets, SharkFest tickets, shark jewellery, your name in the documentary credits and loads more! There’s a matchfunding race and if Fin Fighters raise £4k in time they can DOUBLE their funds.

Make your pledge and find out more at:

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