PADI, SSI and others go (CODE RED) for HEPCA


Gen. Ahmed Abdallah, Governor of the Red Sea, and Dr. Mohamed Higazy, Egypt’s Ambassador in Germany, attended the (CODE RED) signing ceremony at Boot Düsseldorf 2015 on Monday. In the ceremony, VDST, SSI, PADI, The Shark Project, the Danish Sport Divers Federation, ETi and DER Touristic all signed the (CODE RED) Commitment in support of a Red Sea standard for marine operations towards a sustainable tourism business in the Egyptian Red Sea.

HEPCA also presented both Dr. Franz Brümmer, President of VDST, and Mr. Gerhard Wegner, President of The Shark Project, with the Beja Tribe Sword in honour of their efforts as Red Sea defenders.

(CODE RED) is a reference for the Red Sea that sets a standard of marine practices and behaviours. It is a commitment with tour operators for a better tourism industry that preserves the beauty and protects the Red Sea and its natural resources.

Find out more and get involved – sign the (CODE RED) petition here.


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