The Fish You Miss Without A GoPro – Watch Video


I was on a very pretty shallow dive off Falmouth with Atlantic Scuba. We were amongst healthy kelp beds which were home to many fish species including Pollock and Wrasses. I had my GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition with me to do some ‘selfies’ for an equipment review video. I really wanted to video myself with a few fish in the background but never really achieved that goal. Some days it just goes that way as the fish can be very timid. There were plenty of fish around but always hiding behind kelp.

I decided to wedge the camera in the kelp, set it running and swim away just to see what was going on while I was out of the picture. It turned out to be quite amusing. This single clip shows just how much we divers can miss when we come up saying “not a lot down there…”

[youtube id=”mPvIJL2AUCY” width=”100%” height=”400px”]


Although the GoPro is a great little camera and produces some fantastic results, there are quite a few setting options available on the newer versions allowing even greater control for the image quality. One of these options on the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition is ‘Protune’. It takes a little more setting up and more post-adjustment to the image but the difference in quality is dramatic. Basically my favourite setting is with Protune ‘ON’ and then shoot in RAW.  I won’t go into huge detail in this article as all the information is already so well covered on the web here.

Have a good look and have a play. You won’t be disappointed. If you would like to know more on how to get the best from your GoPro or any other camera for that matter, come and book onto one of our video courses. Details are at

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman is the Conservation editor and also the Underwater Videography Editor for Jeff is an award winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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