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Diving Tips… a new blog series from Duttons Divers



Not a UK diver or wanting to learn more about the UK waters? We have you covered! Each month we will be writing tips for experiencing the beautiful waters off our coast and in-land. The year of COVID drove us to a few seasons in the UK – and hopefully this persuaded more of you to jump in the waters and see what the UK has to offer. For those of you that are yet to be struck by the UK dive bug, hopefully this will give you some incentive to do so. We are a little biased… admittedly!

So, what do we know about diving to give you the tips in the first place? Well… Duttons Divers have been around for the past 8 years, with 2 of these as a freelance instructor, the further 5 at Vivian Quarry and the previous year saw our expansion of our business, adding another centre into the mix at Hafan Marina Dive Centre too! We teach 365 days of the year… both of our dive schools are in the UK… we jump into quarries as well as the sea, and run all levels of courses from beginner to instructor. We have 15 divers within our staff team, and are headed up by Course Director, Clare Dutton…. There’s a fair bit of knowledge (hopefully) between us all!

Our tips and tricks will cover topics such as cold water diving, boat diving, navigating in low visibility, choosing the right equipment for the UK, taking your IDC in the UK… and a whole other load of varied topics. We are also open to anything that you would like covering too with a question and answer selected for each write up, so please send them into our email account or FB messenger and we will select one for each month to answer!

We will kick the topics off for you though.. our first will be… cold water diving! Check it out next month!

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Located in North Wales, and nearly 10 years in the business, Duttons Divers operate two of the largest PADI Dive Centres in the UK, and specialise in course tuition from beginner to instructor levels, as well as guided shore & boat dives. The centre is led by PADI Course Director Clare Dutton and RYA Skipper Jean Dutton.

Dive Training Blogs

Tips for… Boat Diving



Boat diving… the best kind of diving! We love the months of March – October when our dive boat, Little Viv, hits the water for the season. Diving from a boat offers so many more dive opportunities, and don’t get us wrong, we love shore diving too but the change of going off to Tudwals islands, being the only divers on site, is something special.

So, what do you need to know about boat diving other than it is amazing? First off, don’t rule out the RHIB boat… and yes, we are biased. Little Viv is a RHIB, but there is a reason for that, and it’s not just because we don’t like giving you the opportunity for a toilet break! The dive sites around our coastline here are pretty shallow, which makes it hard for a hard boat to get to where we want to go. For the diving with the seals, into the coves… Little Viv is perfect to drop us in and collect us. That said, there are also some epic hard boat dives here in the UK too: Plymouth for the wrecks, Eyemouth for the deeper reefs, all of which are suited to their own type of boat.

Next off… what to bring? We can answer that for you – just your dive equipment! You don’t need to bring a whole host of items with you. There is a small amount of room on the boat, and let’s be honest, if we are doing it right, we shouldn’t be on the boat for that much time in the day – we want to be underneath the waves! We recommend getting yourself a small dry bag to pack some snacks and to keep your phone in and a coat with you (it can always be a bit chilly out at sea regardless of the time of year).

Anything else that we get asked? That last all important question of how much experience do you need to boat dive. Well, once you are qualified, you are entitled to dive anywhere in the world… that includes boats! All of these types of dives improve our experience in diving and open doors to new exciting opportunities. There are plenty of places, including us, that offer guided boat dives which are a great way to get into boat diving if you are new to this type of dive.

So, if you have not dived off a boat yet… definitely put it on your list for this year!

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Dive Training Blogs

Jump into… Discovering new dive sites



My favourite time of the year is when we head out and find new dive sites for the season.

One of the things that I love about diving is the unknown, and let’s be honest, how many of us go out and pick a spot to dive and just go for it (with a thorough dive plan of course), just to see what is there. Well, that’s exactly what the team and I do each year, every year. Leading us to change our dive site list for the year, usually keeping the ones that you love… and finding new ones to share with you all. 

Over the years I had been very lucky to get to explore areas of the coastline such as Porth Ysgaden, and Rhoscolyn, as well as further afield sites such as Puffin Island and the Kimya – all stunning sites around the area. I have to admit though, the one site that I have loved exploring from the very start, and one that only ever gets better and better, never failing to introduce new marine life… the Menai Strait. 

The amount of marine life in the Menai is unbelievable, from tompot blennys, to dogfish to octopus, this site has everything and can cater for any level of diver too… another reason for my love of the site. It has something for the adrenaline junkie loving drifts, to the cautious new open water diver wanting to stay shallow and see the marine life. An absolute must for any diver. 

Last year was our first year at Pwllheli, and we ventured quite a lot around the stunning Tudwals Islands. This year… well, I would love to tell you, but it is of course top secret… we don’t want you all knowing about the sites before they are released! 

We will be heading further out across the mainland and around the Pwllheli area, as well as also having a few new bays on our list, for those of you not too keen on the boat diving just yet. So how do we decide on our sites? Obviously the guides liking them is a top consideration! But also the marine life, topography, and most importantly, the skill level required. Each year we are always very picky over what sites we choose. We want sites that all divers are capable of diving with our guides. That is, after all, the way that we choose to operate. Small groups, personal centres, to ensure that we can meet your needs and either get you to fall in love with UK diving, or as an experienced diver, to see why Wales should have been on your list all along. 

Our new sites will be revealed on social media over the next few months, but whilst you are waiting, you can get ready for the season and contact us with regards to your bespoke dive trip!

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