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Deptherapy announces NCVO membership as part of exciting expansion plans for 2017



Diving rehabilitation charity Deptherapy is pleased to announce its membership of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

This announcement comes at the start of an exciting year for Deptherapy in which the charity will introduce more injured ex-servicemen to the benefits of diving than ever before.

Joining the NCVO is an important step for the charity and shows its commitment to building the strongest foundations for the future. Deptherapy joins the ranks of 12,500 voluntary sector organization NCVO members across England. NCVO Membership gives access to resources and expertise that is an invaluable aid to ensure charities like Deptherapy maximise their potential for their beneficiaries.

As part of its membership of the NCVO, Deptherapy has also committed to gaining accreditation using the Practical Quality Assurance System to obtain the PQASSO Quality Mark. Working towards this nationally-recognised award, which is endorsed by the Charity Commission, means Deptherapy will undertake a programme of vigorous assessment over the next 12 months.

“Working towards the PQASSO Quality Mark is important to us as both a means of analysis and a way to continuously improve the quality of our service,” explains Dr. Richard Cullen, Founder and Chairman of Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education. “Our eventual achievement of the Quality Mark will offer external verification of the robustness of our charity and will demonstrate that we have systems and processes in place that are fit for purpose and meet the highest standards.”

As well as this work behind the scenes, 2017 will see Deptherapy get an unprecedented number of injured ex-servicemen into the water. Places on the Deptherapy courses are in high demand and the charity will run two Open Water and Advanced Open Water programmes at Roots Red Sea in May and October this year.

These programmes are mostly funded by Deptherapy’s partnership with the Royal Foundation’s Endeavour Fund and will cater for 20-25 divers. This funding has also resulted in the purchase of several dry suits to allow more experienced programme members to start UK diving and progress their continuing education.

Other courses already planned for 2017 include a Mental Health First Aid for the Armed Services Community Course in February and two Deptherapy Education Professional Courses in April and May for Dive Instructors and Dive Masters wanting to learn about adaptive teaching.

Planning has also started on Deptherapy’s major 2018 expedition to Truk Lagoon, which has been funded by the Chancellor of the Exchequer using LIBOR funds. This funding will allow the charity to run two build-up programmes in 2016: a wreck liveaboard in the Red Sea and a further developmental programme later in the year.

Key to Deptherapy’s continued expansion in 2016 and future success is the charity’s commitment to constant improvement. “The Board of Deptherapy prides itself on our quality of business planning and service delivery,” says Dr. Richard Cullen. “By joining the NCVO and submitting the charity for accreditation this year, we have committed to ensuring our system and processes are simply the best.”

For more information about the work of Deptherapy and Deptherapy Education visit


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