Consider the Caribbean for your next dive holiday


When it comes to the top places to scuba dive in the world, the Caribbean doesn’t even make some of the lists! Maybe one or two dive sites are considered really amazing, such as Grenada’s Bianca C wreck for its sheer size, or some of the drift dives in Tobago. But please consider these great reasons why you might like to take your scuba gear to the Caribbean for your next dive holiday.

  • The Caribbean Does Do…
  • Amazing beachside resort destinations.
  • Tranquillity (Some complain that many of the Caribbean islands are too quiet, like Antigua for example).
  • OK flight times (relatively speaking).
  • Relaxed attitudes and friendly locals.
  • All inclusive specials.
  • Tours beyond what your family could get bored with.
  • Scuba Diving courses in fantastic conditions.

Indeed you may be like many scuba divers I have met whose partners don’t dive. So give them a holiday too – you might consider getting your kids certified (mostly all PADI in the Caribbean apart from Cuba) and the conditions for learning are perhaps the best available, with calm waters and pools to get familiar with breathing underwater. In short, you have options beyond your morning diving to spend the rest of the day with your family and have a great time. This can be really hard to do in the scuba diving destinations that are considered the best. The Cocos and Galapagos of this world are full of big fish (pelagics) for a reason! You need to do those holidays on a liveaboard and you will not take the family unless you are lucky and the whole family dive (and you can afford to take the whole family with you!). So let me suggest some islands and why you might visit them:

Antigua – blessed with a lot of beaches to rival any in the world and a yachting centre in season unparalleled. You can rent a car and drive around the island visiting the places of note. Antigua is a less developed island and that is part of its charm and why many return year after year. It’s ideal to get married in Antigua as you will appreciate your romantic time together in the most idyllic of spots to get that special moment on camera.

St Lucia – There are so many things to do in St Lucia your problem will be in choosing. From hiking on foot or by mountain bike to kayaking or enjoying a good Caribbean Jump Up, you can go from dawn to dusk with a few rums inbetween. There are some good wrecks to dive here. The culture is hard to nail down and the accent of the locals will perplex you – it spills over into the food.

Barbados – Surfing is a great activity to try after scuba diving in the morning – a variety of diving to suit all abilities for a few days and for those of you who are less experienced, you will not get bored.

Tobago – One of the better diving islands for advanced divers and beginners alike (beginners will have to miss out of some of the more advanced dives due to the strong currents that can be fun). It is also an island full of activities and amazing picturesque beaches. There are also the following islands to check out: Grenada, St Martin, St Kitts and Nevis (you start to wish you had a boat)! I warn you – the Caribbean is addictive!

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Calvin Crane

Calvin Crane

My name is Calvin – do come and say hello here: If you would like to read more from me (and get more details about diving in the Caribbean) I write as a passionate guy who is trying to obtain a dual lifestyle: Winters in the Caribbean and Summers in the UK. Wish me luck please…

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