BSAC’s Underwater Litterpick 2013 continues


High Wycombe SAC had a high old time in a local waterway cleaning up for the BSAC Underwater Litterpick campaign.

A local stretch of water called the Dyke in Hollywell Mead was the location for a very productive clean-up day, with 20 divers and volunteers working to bring up 25 bin bags full of rubbish.

Amongst the more unusual of their impressive Underwater Litterpick haul was a safe, a bucket of solid concrete and two bath tubs.

High Wycombe is just one of more than 60 BSAC clubs who have organised and delivered clean ups as part of this year’s initiative.

The BSAC Underwater Litterpick 2013 runs until 31 October and a final 2013 report will be produced by the end of the year.

For each Underwater Litterpick dive completed, divers have been asked to complete and submit a survey form outlining what they have retrieved. This information will go towards the Marine Conservation Society’s research into marine pollution.

For more information on the BSAC Underwater Litterpick 2013, click here.

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