The clock is ticking for Project AWARE’s Ocean Action Project applications


Project AWARE’s Ocean Action Project is in full swing. With just over a week left to submit applications, now is a great time to reflect on a couple of the winning projects from last year.

The Koh Tao Debris Master Plan, used the funding to kick off a rubbish reduction campaign including practical workshops and educational signage around the island. This is one project that has made an extraordinary difference and is continually moving forward to be part of the solution.

Another fantastic initiative that received support in 2012’s Ocean Action Project was the Semporna Shark Sanctuary (SSS) in Malaysia. The SSS has continued to work with the community to raise awareness about the importance of shark protection and is working towards the protection of about 8000km2 of reef, open ocean and vital mangrove areas.

Even the smallest ideas can lead to the most amazing results. If you have a results driven project that addresses root causes of marine debris or shark and ray protection issues then download the Ocean Action Project guidelines and submit your entry before the 31st of October.

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