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Colin’s last dive – proof of the healing power of Scuba

Deptherapy Ambassador, PADI AmbassaDiver and trainee Divemaster Gary Green tells his personal and poetic story of the day he accompanied Colin Clements on his last…

Suits you, Sir! My drysuit fitting at Otter Watersports

The next step on my scuba diving adventure started with Ben Lee (another Royal Engineer’s guy who is part of Deptherepy) sending me and Scuba…

Deptherapy’s Red Sea Wrecks – Part 7

The final part of Gary Green’s account of the Deptherapy Red Sea Military and Forgotten Wrecks liveaboard expedition. Day 10: Umm Gamar Reef The last…

Deptherapy’s Red Sea Wrecks – Part 6

Deptherapy’s Red Sea Wrecks – Part 5

Deptherapy’s Red Sea Wrecks – Part 4

Deptherapy’s Red Sea Wrecks – Part 3

Deptherapy’s Red Sea Wrecks – Part 2

Deptherapy’s Red Sea Wrecks – Part 1


Gary Green

Gary Green is an author, team leader and PADI AmbassaDIVER. After being medically discharged from the British Army following an IED attack which left him blind in one eye and with PTSD, Gary was introduced to scuba diving through the…


Jon Beever

Jon Beever qualified as a PADI AOWD on the recent May 2017 Deptherapy training programme in Egypt. After a medical discharge from the British Army, Jon’s introduction to scuba diving was curtailed by a serious motorcycle accident. Now having firmly…


Yo-Han Cha

Yo-Han Cha is a member of the Northern Underwater Photography Group and started taking underwater photos with a Canon Ixus 980 IS before upgrading to an Olympus OM-D EM-5 two years ago. He has a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and…

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