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A little bit of sunshine between dark clouds…



As you have probably guessed from the Deptherapy trip I wrote about in my last blog, I have discovered that scuba diving does absolute miracles for my mental health and the company of a guy who shall only be known as Scuba Steve!

Steve and I have got on since the moment we met; he has also helped me accept a lot of the things I was denying I was going through. ( I think my Neuropsychologist is reaping the benefits of me being more open!)

Well….we have been gagging to get diving again and it couldn’t come soon enough… As soon as we started speaking to Chris, we knew he was the right bloke to do our dry suit course with, and it was in sunny Liverpool. Steve and I started to get excited, like kids in a sweetshop, and to be honest, after recent events we both needed it.

Chris turned out to be as nice a bloke in real life as he was on Facebook Messenger. We got the formalities out of the way and met his long haired general and fellow instructor Patsy who was equally as nice and seemed to embrace the squaddie type banter. We headed upstairs into the pool area which was like a sauna once you put your drysuit on 🙂

We did the drills and skills you need to know to get your buoyancy correct and to get yourself out of the possible complications that come with wearing a dry suit. Then, Chris suggested we head to the Harbour… well, Steve and I snatched that offer out of his hand before he had finished his sentence!

Still as excited as kids, Chris explained to Steve and I the skills and dive brief we were going to follow. We saw some plaice (the stuff you see in the chippy!) and a mussel arc. We continued the dive with more skill drills and learnt how to make adjustments to our buoyancy. Then we finished the dive, got out with grins from ear to ear and fresh clear heads. Chris did a debreif and we couldnt thank him and Patsy enough…it genuinely did us both a world of good. Words can’t express what diving does to us and the feelings it brings with it. Tomorrow we should be drysuit divers!

Day Two

I wasn’t feeling my best and I think if it had been anything else I would have cancelled and just gone home with the fatigue, feeling down… But, this was not just about diving, this was my key to the kingdom, my access to UK diving, my access to the thing that can clear my mind and fix my mood just by blowing bubbles.

I got in the taxi, put my headphones in and tried to get rid of the fatigue, which could cause all sorts of problems in the water. Scuba Steve was stood at the entrance waiting for me, as he always does (he is a legend of a bloke). I met up with Chris Ridd and was joined by our new instructor Kerry Place.

Kerry gave the dive brief and asked about our injuries. Once the brief was over it was time to kit up. This is the first time I started to get the excitement back that had been sucked out of me by the rubbish day. For those of you that have ever been in a drysuit, it’s not an easy item to get into, you start with your legs, easy… then pull it up to your chest, a bit of jiggery pokery and that’s done.. this is the interesting bit.

As you might know my shoulder is in all senses of the word, screwed. I had hurt it during the kit on/kit off drills last night. Steve had to help me in…bad arm first, then good arm (Steve doing all the work). To get your head in I can only describe it as if someone was giving birth to me! There is a lot of squeezing and moving of your neck, all to push your head through a hole that is significantly smaller than your head.

Finally, we got in the water, completed our buddy checks and then we were off. Neck wet, stresses gone, chin level, anxiety gone, head underwater, clear and peaceful…

I know i keep ranting on about it but diving isn’t just good for my depression and anxiety; it works miracles on making the brain clear of negative thoughts.  The dive was amazing and it did everything I needed that day.

Time for the theory. Chris and Kerry were really good at explaining the theory as per the manual.In fact, they were both absolute stars. Steve and I owe you a beer… least!

Did someone say Qualified Drysuit Diver?

Yesterday was a good day! 

The first thing on my agenda was the Drysuit exam or knowledge reviews. Due to issues with my text book and learning materials being delivered late I hadn’t been able to revise… not like I’d be able to remember the information anyway!

I got to the diving centre at 10am and met Scuba Steve, Patsy and Chris. We headed to the classroom; Steve had already done the revision in the book.

Gemma turned up and knew that I had not received my book but just in the same relaxed way they had all week, the Glacier Dive Team helped me get to grips with the knowledge I needed in a format that my brain would accept. We sat in the classroom and talked about diving and the the things that ‘may’ come up on the exam.

We then went into the exam, wrote down our answers and once finished, Kerry spoke through each of the questions so that I knew where I had done good (and not so good).

Steve and I both passed with flying colours! Thanks to everyone for an all round awesome experience, especially Scuba Steve and the team at Glacier Diving. I feel reinvigorated and I can’t wait to go diving next time!

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Jon Beever qualified as a PADI AOWD on the recent May 2017 Deptherapy training programme in Egypt. After a medical discharge from the British Army, Jon’s introduction to scuba diving was curtailed by a serious motorcycle accident. Now having firmly caught the diving bug, Jon is currently planning his Drysuit course with another Deptherapy programme member.


Diving Redefined: Introducing NovoScuba



novoscubaAttention all underwater enthusiasts, mermaids, and those who just really enjoy wearing fins! Brace yourselves for the splashiest news in the industry: NovoScuba has burst onto the scuba diving scene like a seal on a beach ball!

Move over, PADI, SSI, SDI, NAUI, RAID, and whoever else is lurking in the depths, because there’s a new fish in town!

But seriously, what gives? Why does NovoScuba think they can swim with the big fish? Are they secretly training dolphins? Are their wetsuits made of magic? Stay tuned as we uncover the mysteries of this underwater revolution!

The team at NovoScuba isn’t just your average squad – we’re a crew of dive store owners, managers, trainers, and pros. We’ve danced with the sharks and wrestled with the currents, so when it comes to the diving industry’s pain points, we’re definitely no strangers. But let’s be real: while existing agencies are stuck in the stone age, we’re here to embrace the 21st century. In a world where even fish have Instagram accounts, the diving industry needs to catch up or sink like a lead weight!

It’s time to challenge a change. Leveraging technology and introducing a breakthrough business model, and digitally native platform, NovoScuba aims to become the most innovative training agency to date.


Here’s a snapshot of what NovoScuba has up their sleeve for dive pros, managers/owners and students alike.


  • Pay as you certify system
  • Fully developed digital course materials in multiple languages
  • No stock required
  • Monthly or annual membership fees
  • Business support and advice FOC
  • 24/7 support. Feedback orientated. Fast response and fast adapting
  • ISO Certified
  • Pain free and low cost transition to NovoScuba
  • Your business, your choice. No exclusivity expected or required
  • Pay in your local currency
  • Our automated system keeps your admin to a minimum. Less time on paperwork cuts costs and gives you more time to focus on your business
  • Co-marketing, advertising and support



  • Monthly membership fees
  • Intelligent online log book that automatically updates student records
  • One click certifications
  • Flexible training – student-centric/instructor trusted
  • Easy and inexpensive crossover
  • Pause your membership when you’re not teaching
  • Pro insurance / legal support
  • Job vacancy board



  • Modern, relevant course materials
  • Fully developed and interactive digital learning
  • Accessible across any digital platform
  • Instant community and support
  • Monthly subscription granting access to all course materials
  • Digital log book for life
  • Streamlined subscription process – minimum admin


What else symbolises the NovoScuba dedication to excellence?

In an era where every other company boasts about being as green as a broccoli smoothie, it’s easy to tune out the noise of eco-friendly claims. But hold your seahorses! NovoScuba isn’t just another fish in the sea of greenwashing. We’re not just dipping our toes in the sustainability pool – we’ve cannonballed straight into it! B-Corp pending, we’re not just talking the talk; we’re doing the fins-on-the-ground work. With a net zero impact that even Captain Planet would applaud, our conservation efforts aren’t some distant pipe dream. Nope, we’re getting our hands wet right in our own diving communities, because let’s face it, saving the planet is a whole lot easier when you can do it in your own backyard – or in this case, your own coral reef!

It’s time to dive into the 21st century and embrace a new, innovative and intelligent training agency. One that fully understands that your success is needed in order for us to succeed. One that is 100% committed to your needs and will grow and adapt in order to keep meeting the challenges of the industry. Welcome to the new age of training. Welcome to NovoScuba – Diving Redefined.

For more information, email or visit

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A new idea in freediving from RAID



freediving course

In the past few months, the team at RAID has been able to launch several new programs and each of them has been exciting to work on and release to you. But this is something we are delighted and extremely eager to tell you about. It tops everything.

Freediving Pool Instructor offers ALL RAID Scuba Instructors a convenient pathway to becoming certified pool freediving instructors, and that’s the sort of innovative idea we think the dive industry needs right now. This is a new adventure and it starts right here.

The word, unique, gets used a lot whether or not its deserved, but we think this course is truly unique and deserves taking a good look at because it was specifically created to leverage the expertise scuba instructors have developed while teaching scuba students.

And because of that, we feel there’s a natural fit for them to introduce their customers (old and new) to the freedom and fun of freediving.

And just in case you are wondering what’s so special about freediving and how does ‘one breath’ diving without a tank relate to any other form of diving, here’s a piece of shocking news. The skills taught in a basic freediving class, including but not limited to how the calm one’s mind and control the breathing cycle, we believe are fundamental to diver comfort and safety.

There is a groundswell of opinion that learning to freedive is perhaps as important as learning to swim for any one who’s truly interested in becoming a balanced and relaxed diver… on scuba, a rebreather, or anywhere in between.

If you agree, or are interested to find out if you agree, and you’re a RAID instructor, we’d like to suggest you get in touch. If you’re a RAID diver, we strongly suggest contacting your RAID instructor or dive centre.

Pool Instructors will be qualified to teach in confined water four excellent programs that promise to be best-sellers:

  1. Try Freediving
  2. Surf Survival
  3. Static Apnea Specialty
  4. Dynamic Apnea Specialty

Contact your local RAID office for details and standards.

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