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Two great programs to thrill and excite from RAID



RAID’s Performance Diver program is part of the training agency’s unique ‘tune-up’ options for divers at all levels, from basic to technical. Its appeal to newer divers who did not get all they wanted from their open water course (perhaps with a non-RAID dive centre) has always been strong. But it’s a winning option for someone who has been inactive for a while as well.

The skills taught in this course have been designed by some of the most respected dive professionals in the industry. They have condensed years of in-water experience into a great program that’s fuelled by great ideas and solid knowledge. Something useful in all sorts of conditions and all sorts of gear configurations. In short, a range of skills you will use on every dive: buoyancy, trim, situational awareness, gear selection and management, contingency planning… having fun and staying safe.

You can find out more about RAID’s Performance Diver program here.

And with the agency’s renewed focus in 2024 on breath-hold programs, July is a good time to read about the benefits of RAID’s range of Freediving courses.

Freediving is such an exhilarating and beautiful sport that allows you to connect with the underwater world in a unique way.

The thrill of diving deep down, holding your breath, and exploring the depths with just a single breath is truly an unforgettable experience.

It requires focus, control, and a deep respect for the ocean. The sense of freedom and tranquility you can find while freediving is unlike any other.

Have you ever tried freediving or are you interested in learning more about it? You do not have to be a scuba diver to start… not at all!

And if you are already a diver, RAID can help you discover a whole new way to look at a familiar world.

You can find out more about RAID’s Freediving courses here.

To find out more about RAID and the agency’s diver training programs, visit



PADI Recognises EMEA Members with New Professional Development Excellence Award



PADI® (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) has recently launched their new Professional Development Excellence Award in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), celebrating PADI Five Star Instructor Development Centers (IDC)  that are championing creating more PADI Professionals, at all levels, during the previous calendar year.

“While becoming a PADI Five Star IDC Center is a prized accreditation amongst members, this exclusive rating comes with the responsibility of training the next generation of divers to become PADI Instructors,” explains Dave Murray, Managing Director for PADI EMEA.

“PADI’s commitment to a continuing education philosophy encourages divers to realise their dreams of a career as a PADI Pro, teaching others to do what they love – to scuba dive. This new recognition award distinguishes productive PADI Five Star IDC stores for the time and effort they dedicate to marketing and conducting the professional training needed to grow the scuba diving industry.”

PADI’s EMEA Professional Development Excellence Award recognises members for reaching specific milestones based on the number of PADI Pro certifications they issue annually. It also provides an extra layer of credentials in their “Pro Development Status” to potential Divemaster and IDC candidates, along with any other prospective Pro-level customers and prospective employees.

The first awards were distributed earlier this year, with 12 PADI Five Star IDC Centers receiving the Platinum Award. This means that they have issued a minimum of 100 PADI Professional certifications from Divemaster to IDC Staff Instructor, which include 30 Core Professional certifications and 70 Continuing Education Instructor level certifications.


The 2025 PADI EMEA Professional Development Excellence Award is already underway and renewed PADI EMEA Five Star IDC Dive Centers and Resorts are automatically eligible. Stores that reach the recognition levels during 2024 will receive their award in the first quarter of 2025.

For more information about the award and to see the full list of award recipients visit here.

About PADI 

PADI® (Professional Association of Diving Instructors®) is the largest purpose-driven diving organization with a global network of 6,600 dive centers and resorts, 128,000 professional members, and more than 30 million certified divers to date. Committed to our blue planet, PADI makes the wonder of the underwater world accessible to all, empowering people around the world to experience, explore and take meaningful action, as Ocean TorchbearersTM, to protect the world beneath the surface. For over 50 years, PADI is undeniably The Way the World Learns to Dive®, setting the standard for the highest quality dive training, underwater safety and conservation initiatives while evolving the sport of diving into a passionate lifestyle. For divers by divers, PADI is obsessed with transforming lives and, with its global foundation, PADI AWARETM, creating positive ocean change. Seek Adventure. Save the Ocean.SM

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Expert-led Group Diving Tours in 2024 & 2025



group diving

Looking for something unforgettable?

The Dive Worldwide team pride themselves on delivering unique diving holidays in the most exciting and remote destinations around the globe. The expert-led group tours featured below are anything but ordinary – you could take part in vital whale shark research in the Galápagos, go muck diving in the Coral Triangle with an award-winning photojournalist, or experience the full moon manta feeding frenzy at Hanifaru Bay.

Guided by Danny Copeland, Saeed Rashid or Sofía Green Iturralde, marine specialists who are pioneers in their respective fields, these exclusive small group holidays are the ultimate diving experiences.

group diving

Maldives Manta Ray Extravaganza with Danny Copeland

Exclusive departure! Sailing 12 Sep 2024
Vessel: Seascape

Join marine conservationist and cameraman Danny Copeland on an exclusive Maldivian liveaboard adventure. Timed to align with the full moon and the peak aggregation of reef manta rays, you can expect to witness a frenzy of feeding activity on your snorkelling excursions in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Hanifaru Bay. While diving the exceptional and rarely visited diving sites in the Baa, Raa and Lhaviyani atolls, the megafauna action may also include green and hawksbill turtles, Napolean wrasse and whale shark.

Danny’s expert knowledge of marine life will be invaluable in helping you to capture these precious moments on camera. In the evenings, he will entertain the group with engaging presentations about marine ecology, conservation and manta ray behaviour. Guests can even contribute to manta ray research by uploading photographs and sightings to the IDtheManta database.

13 days from £3,650pp (flights inc)

Find out more or send an enquiry

group diving

Galápagos Whale Shark Expedition with Sofía Green Iturralde

Exclusive departure! 23 Sep 2024
Vessel: Aqua Galapagos

Experience the staggering biodiversity of the Galápagos Islands on this once-in-a-lifetime cruise led by Sofía Green Iturralde, a prominent marine biologist working on the Galápagos Whale Shark Project. You visit during prime whale shark season, which maximises your chances of close encounters with these gentle giants. Throughout the trip, Sofía will impart her wealth of expertise about whale shark behaviour and conservation measures.

The Galápagos islands are world-renowned for diving, and you will have opportunities to explore some of the best sites, including the iconic Wolf & Darwin. While whale sharks are the main focus of this tour, other marine highlights could include Galápagos penguin, hammerhead shark, marine iguana, sea lion, manta ray, Galápagos shark, dolphin and green turtle.

10 days from £6,995pp (flights inc)

Find out more or send an enquiry

group diving

Dive and Discover St Helena with Danny Copeland

Exclusive tour! 6 Feb 2025
Dive Resort: Mantis St Helena, Jamestown

Whale shark enthusiasts, this is the tour for you! This exclusive tour to St Helena explores remote waters in the South Atlantic which are home to whale shark, along with Chilean devil ray, dolphin, wahoo, tuna, and dorado. The action-packed itinerary includes a 10-dive package and at least two days of snorkelling with enormous adult whale sharks.

Sharing the experience with a maximum of 11 other guests and marine expert Danny Copeland, you will uncover the mysteries of the St Helena whale shark aggregation – a phenomenon which is fascinating marine scientists globally. You stay at the Mantis St Helena resort in Jamestown, from where you have opportunities to explore the island, visit Plantation House and perhaps meet a 186-year-old giant tortoise. After busy days exploring an inspiring underwater world of sea mounts, caverns, wrecks and thriving marine life, you can listen to Danny’s insightful ocean-themed presentations.

12 days from £4,645pp (flights inc)

Find out more or send an enquiry

group diving

Muck and Magic in North Sulawesi with Saeed Rashid

Exclusive tour! 17 Jun 2025
Dive Resorts: Dive into Lembeh & Coral Eye Resort

Join award-winning underwater photojournalist Saeed Rashid to explore two of North Sulawesi’s diving hotspots – the Lembeh Strait and the Bangka archipelago This spectacular adventure includes up to 36 dives and, with expert guidance from Saeed, is perfect for muck diving enthusiasts and budding photographers alike.

Discover weird and wonderful species hiding in Lembeh’s black lava sand and pristine corals. Dubbed the ‘Critter Capital’, Lembeh is the perfect place to practice macro photography on seahorses, octopuses, nudibranchs, frogfish, pipefish, flamboyant cuttlefish, crustaceans and more. Your next stop is the former marine research centre Coral Eye Resort – now a vibrant hub for ocean lovers and divers. Here the fringing reefs, volcanic walls and coral-encrusted pinnacles are teeming with marine life, from pygmy seahorses to reef sharks and even dugongs!

17 days from £4,995pp (flights inc)

Find out more or send an enquiry

group diving

Azores with Danny Copeland

Exclusive departure! 12 July 2025
Vessel: Water & Wind

Join an intimate group liveaboard adventure comprising up to 15 outstanding dives, all guided by Danny Copeland. Arriving at the height of the Azores’ short diving season, you can expect excellent diving conditions and wonderful encounters with friendly dusky groupers, devil rays and other large pelagic species. Explore famous dive sites, such as Formigas and Dollabarat Marine Park, while discovering a captivating underwater world of pinnacles, candy floss corals and fascinating rock formations.

‘I’m especially excited to return to these islands with a rare offering onboard the Water & Wind liveaboard.  The combination of a small, close-knit dive group, greater flexibility to adapt to the weather, and the opportunity to visit the coasts of more than one island and the big pelagics that visit them, will make this a truly special diving adventure.’ – Danny Copeland

8 days from £3,365pp (flights inc)

Find out more or send an enquiry

group diving

Plunge into Dive Worldwide’s Holiday Brochure

Inside you’ll discover a wide range of highly recommended dive resorts and liveaboards operating in the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific, the Americas, Africa, Southeast Asia and other top diving destinations around the world. To help you choose where to go on your next diving adventure, the brochure is also packed with expert articles written by Dive Worldwide’s highly experienced professional dive team. Request your copy.

group diving

Booking your Holiday with Dive Worldwide

Dive Worldwide hand-picks the world’s best diving holidays – from small groups to liveaboard adventures, snorkelling tours and resort-based diving trips.  Combining 20+ years’ travel experience with a dynamic team of seasoned SCUBA diving professionals, Dive Worldwide can draw from a unique depth of knowledge to give you the best possible diving experience.

They are a fully independent organisation offering 100% financial protection and can offer superb tailor-made holidays catering to your specific diving interests, such as underwater photography, wreck, shark, luxury or technical diving. Check out the latest special offers on diving holidays here.

They also have a strong focus on protecting the oceans, supporting a range of marine conservation charities and promoting responsible, sustainable diving practices wherever possible.

Their dive experts are ready to help. Call 01962 302 087 or send an enquiry to

Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

group diving

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