Suits you, Sir! My drysuit fitting at Otter Watersports


The next step on my scuba diving adventure started with Ben Lee (another Royal Engineer’s guy who is part of Deptherepy) sending me and Scuba Steve a message saying that he had just visited John at  OTTER Watersports.  Otter are working with a lot of the guys in Deptherepy to produce bespoke suits that take into account their special requirements such as missing limbs and so forth.

Ben had recommended John and the team at Otter to Steve and I. To be honest, I think Ben was probably the 15th person to recommend Otter to me – not only because of their besoke service and the quality of their work, but also the fact that the Deptherepy charity hold them in such high regard. All this is more than good enough for me!

So I travelled up to Bradford after a few back and forths with John on Messanger. By the time I got there my back, knees and anxiety were all kicking off.

On first meeting John, I realised he is a genuine caring bloke who obviously knows his stuff. We chatted for a while before we got down to business – getting a drysuit that would fit my needs.

John’s knowledge and expertise was apparent immediately. He came up with ideas that would help me, simple things like rock boots so I don’t get squeeze on my feet (a problem that I have found when trying out different suits). He also undersood the issues with my shoulder and knew that a front entry suit wasn’t going to work for me.

John measured me up as this was going to be a tailored drysuit. I could feel myself getting excited to use it, even though it was just numbers on a page at this point. We had a bru and chatted some more. He showed me how  my suit will be made and it all interested me. Wow, these guys really know their trade!

I am so happy with my purchase from John and the service he gives is nothing short of immense. I genuinely cannot wait to try it out. I can’t wait to go diving again…

Check out OTTER Watersports if you are thinking of getting a drysuit!

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Jon Beever

Jon Beever

Jon Beever qualified as a PADI AOWD on the recent May 2017 Deptherapy training programme in Egypt. After a medical discharge from the British Army, Jon’s introduction to scuba diving was curtailed by a serious motorcycle accident. Now having firmly caught the diving bug, Jon is currently planning his Drysuit course with another Deptherapy programme member.

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