It tells the macro life of Marmara Sea


It shows the macro life of Marmara sea


Juvenile frogfishes are already perfect predators. Some of them are not much bigger then a grain of rice.

The Seasnakes of Manuk

Manuk Island is an island in the Banda Sea. It’s famous for it’s abundant amount of seasnakes.

Diving at Zanzibar

This year diving at Zanzibar before corona ourbreak. So great people and lot of things to see


This is a fun video made for children. An educational film they can follow along with, anticipating each letter and guessing what it might be, but usually being wrong. The…

Observing Spotted Eagle Rays

Aetobatus Narinari commonly known as the Spotted Eagle Ray is one of my favorites in the ray family. Spotted Eagle Rays are one of the most distinctive species of rays…