This was Bonaire TeK 2019 (Watch Video)


Another exciting Bonaire TeK week is over but if you want to get a glimpse of what’s on offer for 2020, check out the video below of this year’s incredible event.

Each October Buddy Dive Resort teams up with Buddy Dive Tek for an exciting week of technical dive demonstrations, presentations and training. It’s an inspirational, challenging and fun adventure for non-technical divers and technical divers alike.

Check out this Bonaire TeK event here:

In 2020, there will be two TeK events:

  • Operation CCR 2020 – May 23 – 30, 2020
  • Bonaire TeK 2020 – October 3 – 10, 2020.

Check out for more info and to reserve your spot for 2020!

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