The UK Female Dynamic No Fins (DNF) Freediving record is broken.


Freediver Rebecca Coales broke the current female DNF record at the Total Fitness centre in Walkden, North Manchester on the 31st July, 2013 at 10.05pm.

For those new to Freediving, DNF is swimming as far as you can horizontally in a swimming pool without the aid of fins.

The record had previously been held since 2007 continuously by Liv Philip. Rebecca, with a very comfortable dive, beat the 116m that was on the board and pushed the distance to 120m, which is well within her Personal best (PB), in a dive time of 2’24 minutes.

Rebecca is a founder member of the Bristol No Tanx Freedivers group where she trains with friends. She is a relative newcomer to the competition circuit, only starting to explore her potential in the last 6 months, starting with a no-fins clinic, and mono fin clinic with Steve Millard of the Apneists UK group , based in the North of the UK. Recently she earned the right to represent her country in the World Freediving Pool Championships, and with this new record it has placed her firmly on the map. Rebecca runs the Yoga website and courses which is the perfect cross training for Freedivers.

The video of the dive can be found here:

Some pictures and a more complete story can be found here Record attempts can be organised for those wishing to gain National records in the UK.

Thanks to the dream team who came and supported the event.


Athlete: Rebecca Coales

Organiser: Steve Millard


Judge: Gary Lowe

Judge: David Tranfield


Judges Assistant: Fiona Cahill


Safety Diver: James Cluskey

Safety Diver: Steve Millard


Videographer / Photographer: Sean Peters


Surface Coach: John Moorcroft


Medic: Dr P. Taylor


Thank you to the management and staff of Total Fitness Walkden for hosting the event and their continued support of UK Freediving athletes and students. Please visit for more details to join the gym.

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