The Colorado Ocean Coalition’s ‘Shark Week’ fundraiser takes place this Saturday.


Don´t miss SHARK WEEK, a fundraising carnival for the Ocean Foundation´s Colorado Ocean Coalition on Saturday August 10th at 3:00pm to 9:00pm at The Dive Inn – 1380 S.Broadway Denver, CO 80210.

Come and join the Colorado front range dive community and friends for fun and games!  You´ll have the opportunity to learn more about Ocean Advocacy and how you can help. Enjoy visiting exhibit booths from the Colorado Ocean Coalition, Colorado Underwater Photographic Society, Sharkbait dive club and more.  Learn more about the upcoming Making Waves in Colorado Symposium events, workshops and speakers to be held in Boulder on September 20th to the 22nd, 2013.  Participate in a silent auction and games for kids of all ages.

The mission of the Colorado Ocean Coalition is to create, unite and empower a Colorado coalition with shared values, goals and actions to promote healthy oceans through education and community engagement. “Why care about oceans when you live more than a thousand miles from the coasts? The Colorado Ocean Coalition believes that you don’t have to be near the ocean to care about it. We live on an ocean planet and the choices we make in the middle of the country have direct ties to the seas.

All over the world due to overfishing, bycatch, finning, pollution and more the oceans are currently being emptied of sharks. Why do we worry about shark populations? A healthy and abundant ocean depends on predators like sharks keeping ecosystems balanced. Though sharks may rule the ocean, they are very vulnerable. They grow slowly, produce few young, and are exceptionally susceptible to overexploitation.

The future of sharks is in the hands of eliminating shark fishing and trade. We must also invest in shark research and protect vital shark habitats.


Together, we can create a powerful, collective voice to educate and change.


Join us in taking action.

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