TekCamp 2018: Day 3 Review


Day 3 of TekCamp saw a fair few last minute package upgrades, attendees enjoying their experience and learning that much that they upgraded to a 3 or 4 day package, a testament to the quality of learning being enjoyed for sure.

DAN Europe set up shop collecting pre and post dive urine samples and performing post dive doppler tests as part of an ongoing hydration study, most of the attendees willingly participated in their tests.

The in-water sessions built on existing skills and stretched the learning further, from blindfolded navigation sessions to support diver session as well as deco trapeze work.

Of course there was plenty of space for rebreather and sidemount try dives for those that wanted to try out a different modality.

The day was topped by a spectacular photogrammetry and 3D presentation by John Kendall who is arguably becoming one of the leaders in the field this side of the world.

For more information on TekCamp please visit their website by clicking here.

To find out about Vobster Quay, visit their website by clicking here.

Olivier Van Overbeek

Olivier Van Overbeek

Oli started diving in 1998 on holiday in the south of France, where he instantly fell in love with the underwater world. He started his training in Holland with the NOB, then transitioned to BSAC after moving to the UK South coast in 2000, and eventually joined PADI in 2009. After joining RAID in 2014 he started working with, and learning with Paul Toomer directly, and in 2015 joined the first RAID IT program. He’s a Recreational and Technical IT, as well as a Sentinel CCR Instructor. He’s a test diver for various manufacturers, and a technical consultant and course author for dive RAID International. Oli currently co-runs Diving Matrix and provides dive training in the UK, Malta and mainland Europe.

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