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Technical Diving Services Now at Captain Don’s Habitat Bonaire



Not too long ago, TDI published a blog post called “Choosing your Technical Instructor”. The main argument made was, that when choosing any kind of instructor, diving skills and experience matter just as much as instructional skills. The first question one should ask themselves is: “What do I want to learn?” followed by: “Can this person teach me that?”

Tailor made

Instructor preference can be very personal. Still, most divers find themselves at home at Technical Diving Services. Chief instructor and owner Chris is extremely knowledgeable and skilled, and one of the most experienced dive educators in the field. Any course or guided dive done with him is tailored to your personal wishes and needs, carefully designed to help you reach your goals.

Learning the basics from a Technical Instructor

Don’t let the name fool you: Chris is as happy to teach Open Water students as he is to teach Technical divers and instructors. Learning the basics from a “tekky” means: emphasis on good buoyancy and trim from the very beginning, and no certification until both you and the instructor are satisfied and safe.

Special experiences

Bonaire has a lot to offer, and not all of it is common knowledge. Want something special? Let Chris take you to the lesser-known reefs, or enjoy a psychedelic fluorescent night dive. And don’t forget to dive during the ostracod spawning events!

Venturing into the deep

Are you ready to take the next step? Book an Intro to Tech Diving course to brush up your skills, learn to dive with the different rigs or the rig of your choice, get comfortable with helicopter and backwards kicking and shooting lift bags and surface marker buoys from shallower and deeper depths. After finishing you will be more than ready for training in staged decompression diving.

Already a technical diver and looking for a guide? Bonaire has several beautiful deep dives, and Chris will know where to find them. The warm waters and sloping reef make even long decompression stops enjoyable.

No guide needed

Of course TDS can also facilitate your needs as an independent diver. Need sidemount or rebreather tanks? Sofnolime or extendair cartridges? Higher oxygen percentages in your tanks? Clips and hardware? Shearwater computers or Dive Rite equipment? Just come in for a cup of coffee, and Chris will set you up with all your needs.

Take a look at Technical Diving Services to find out more.


Marine Life & Conservation

Jeff chats to… Jo Cutler, a contestant in the See You at the Sea Festival Film Competition (Watch Video)



In this exclusive Zoom interview, Jeff Goodman, Scubaverse Editor-at-large, chats to Jo Cutler, a contestant in the See You at the Sea Festival Film Competition. The See you at the Sea Festival was an online film festival created by young people, for young people.

Jo’s film – An Evolving Story – can be seen here:

Fifth in a series of six videos about the competition. Watch the first video HERE with Jenn Sandiford – Youth Engagement Officer with the Your Shore Beach Rangers Project and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust – to find out more about the Competition. Each day this week will be sharing one video in which Jeff talks with the young contestants about their films and what inspired them.

For more information please visit:

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Miscellaneous Blogs

The BiG Scuba Podcast… with Stephan Whelan



Next in a new series of podcasts shared by our friends Gemma and Ian aka The BiG Scuba Podcast…

Ian and Gemma chat to Stephan Whelan.  Stephan is the Founder and Publisher of His passion for the underwater world started at 8 years-old with a try-dive in a hotel pool on holiday that soon formulated into a lifelong love affair with the oceans and led him to become one of the leading figures in the diving media industry.

Stephan got bitten by the diving bug early in life. His first scuba experience was a try-dive when he was eight years old on a family holiday in Europe, and from that moment, he was addicted. He learned to dive properly with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) as soon as he could at school and then did his BSAC Assistant Instructor when he turned 16. By the time he was heading to university in 1996, he was hooked on teaching and diving as much as he could.

By the time he started studying at university, he decided to have a go at flexing his web-design skills by publishing some of the stories he had built up about various ‘challenging’ students and dives he had encountered, and so (as it was known then) was created. He published numerous personal stories until 1998 when other writers began enquiring about contributing to the site with their tales, and it was at this moment he decided to make it more like a magazine format and began asking for volunteer helpers. He got a couple of editors on board, and plenty of writers began contributing. (or DB as it’s become to be known) is now one of the most-popular diving websites in the world and has grown to publish over 9,000 articles covering all sorts of topics like Freediving, Scuba Diving, Ocean Advocacy, and Diving Travel all the while keeping over half-a-million passionate divers from the diving community connected every month through the forums, large social media following, mobile app, and recently launched podcast.








Find more podcast episodes and information at and on most social platforms @thebigscuba 

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