Take part in National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2018


Eager volunteers in Devon during the 2017 National Whale and Dolphin Watch. Photo: Dan Lay - Sea Watch Foundation

Every year, scientists at the Sea Watch Foundation lead a campaign to get members of the general public contributing to science to protect whales & dolphins and they’re calling on you to get involved.

For over forty years, Sea Watch Foundation scientists, as well as volunteer observers all around the coast, have been reporting on whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) to inform Sea Watch’s huge database of records. In fact, the scheme is one of the oldest and longest running citizen science schemes in the world. Now it’s your turn to take part in their flagship summer event, the ‘National Whale & Dolphin Watch’ which is now in its 17th year.

National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2018 takes place Saturday 28th July until Sunday 5th August 2018 and, with your help, could be the most successful yet!

Risso Dolphins spotted during last year’s events in Orkney. Photo: Peter Hazlehurst – Sea Watch Foundation

All you need to bring with you is patience and bags of enthusiasm! If this is your first year and you’d love to take part and learn more about the fantastic array of cetaceans around the UK, then join in with other volunteers who are hosting watches. To find watches in your area visit the Sea Watch Foundation website.

These wonderful creatures were photographed from the shore at an Orca Watch event just a number of weeks ago. Photo: Chloe Robinson – Sea Watch Foundation

During the nine-day 2017 event, eleven different species of whales and dolphins were recorded in UK waters. Over 1400 sightings were logged and including 6590 individual animals!

As the smallest of the UK’s cetaceans, harbour porpoise are often over-looked despite being the most widespread to be spotted. Photo: Mick Baines – Sea Watch Foundation

The National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2018 is just a couple of weeks away and the research charity behind the event are urging everyone to register now to run their own watches and help to contribute valuable data for the protection of these magnificent species. Please get in touch to find out more and to take part!

Take part in National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2018 


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