Steve Martin Completes His Sidemount Online Training Video Series


Steve Martin, one of the world’s leading sidemount diving instructors, has completed his Online Sidemount Essentials training video series with the release of an 8 hour video on Underwater Skills and Development.

The complete series consists of six parts, with 4 different package options:

  • Video 1 – Cylinder Workshop Configuration (1 hour)
  • Video 2 – Regulator Workshops Training (1 hour)
  • Video 3 – Harness & BCD Workshop Training (1.6 hours)
  • Video 4 – Sidemount Essentials – Tips & Tricks (1.7 hours)
  • Video 5 – Stage/Deco Cylinder Workshop Training (1 hour)
  • Video 6 – Underwater Skills and Development (8 hours)

Packages: Videos 1 to 4, Videos 1 to 5, Videos 1 to 4 + 6 or the complete series Videos 1 to 5 + 6. Note: Video 5 and Video 6 are standalone products and available separately.

Steve has released 2 promotional videos which show HD video extracts from the video series and have live multiple language subtitles so you can get a preview of exactly what you are going to receive in return for your investment.

You can watch both videos here:

30 minute Promotional Video – Underwater Skills and Development

[youtube id=”LXB5FPiRdNM” width=”100%” height=”400px”]

10 minute Promotional Video – Online Videos 1 to 5

[youtube id=”iIgnk_bPmTk” width=”100%” height=”400px”]

This means there is now a whopping 14.3 hours of interactive content split across the six videos.

Free detailed video content indexes are available to download in multiple languages and show minute by minute what each video covers.

  • Video Indexes – Underwater Skills and Development (click here)
  • Video Indexes – Online Videos 1 to 5 (click here)

steve 4

All video packages are available to purchase now from Steve’s website and all include complete English subtitles. Steve plans to have different subtitles available in as many languages as possible; if you are interested in a language or want to do some translation work, Steve asks you get in touch with him ASAP.

steve 2

Steve tell us that in the next few months he is also going to be offering an online remote coaching service that is targeted towards those people who want training & feedback but cannot take part in one of his in-water training courses. Details of this can be found at the end of his 30 minute Underwater Skills promotional video.

steve 3

“I’ve poured over seven years of experience in teaching sidemount diving courses into these videos,” said Steve. “I’m very excited and confident these online training videos will really raise the bar and take sidemount training to a whole new level. The initial uptake and feedback so far has been outstanding.

“One of the reasons I decided to make these highly detailed training videos and make them available online was because I wanted to offer a reasonably low cost option for everyone around the world to get access to this level of instruction. One of the things that’s so great about having online videos is they do not expire, can be watched as many times as you wish and can be kept for future reference as you continue to learn.”

Video feedback reviews from several of Steve’s students and customers who have seen the new training videos are currently available to watch on Steve’s site.

Steve also tells us that anyone who books on any of his “in-water training courses” will get the full 100% cost of their online videos back off his course training rates, so in effect the videos are free of charge to all of his future students.

For more information and to purchase the online training videos, visit 

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