Stahlsac Introduces the Steel Line


stahlsacAs the only watersport company dedicated exclusively to top quality adventure luggage, Stahlsac has created an all-new line of bags designed to meet the needs of any outdoor enthusiast that participates in gear-intensive and water-related actives.

The Steel Line offers 5 bags to choose from, ranging from big and roomy to small and versatile. The exclusive wet/dry storage system, bright interior lining for visibility, and multiple separated compartments, make it easy to store your gear safely and securely. And while they can be purchased separately, the bags work best as a full set, with one for every occasion.

Stahlsac_SteelLine_PressRelease-300x167“The features are what really set these bags apart,” says Christoph Palmanshofer, Brand Manager for Stahlsac. “While all of our luggage is tough, durable, and backed by our limited lifetime guarantee, the Steel Line has added conveniences like our exclusive Wet/Dry System or the multi-purpose Changing Pad. The heavy-duty construction as well as the strategic reinforcement of stress points make them not only ideal for a Diver, but for any adventurer.”

While some features are model-specific, like the multi-purpose changing pad, detachable dry- bag, and a convenient “add-a-bag” strap, all of the bags boast easy-access zippers, a bright interior lining for visibility and the tough, reliable construction you’ve come to expect from Stahlsac.

“Our passion is to build the best bags we can possibly build,” says Palmanshofer. “Stahlsac was founded on a commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail, and we created the Steel Line of bags as an embodiment of those values. These bags are very unique, and with their watersport-specific design and tough construction they set themselves apart from anything else on the market. We’re very excited to be able to offer them to our fellow divers and adventurers.”

The Steel Line includes Roller Travel Bags in 34 inch, 27 inch, and 22 inch Carry-On; as well as a Backpack and Duffel.

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