SEAC R1: The Ultimate Backup Torch



The Seac R1 LED Torch is the ultimate backup torch and it is also powerful enough to function as your main light should you wish.

The R1 is compact in size weighing just 138g with batteries and easily fits into a pocket. It is extremely hard wearing thanks to the anodised aluminium body.


The R1 offers three modes: 100% power, 50% power and flashing. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries and will give you 3 hours of burn time at 100% and 20 hours of burn time at 50%.

  • 3 x AAA Batteries
  • 100m Depth Rating
  • 3 Light Functions
  • 3 hrs burn time (100%)
  • 20 hrs burn time (50%)
  • 150 Lumens
  • Mechanical Switch

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