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Siren Fleet announce a series of Reef Ecology, Marine ID & Conservation liveaboard safaris



Siren Fleet – Reef Conservation and Marine Life Survey Trips

The Siren Fleet have announced a series of Reef Ecology, Marine ID & Conservation liveaboard safaris in a variety of destinations throughout 2014. Each will be hosted by a different marine biologist who are experts in their fields and who will provide a series of presentations to our guests. Each is geared towards enabling divers to learn more about the specific environment in which they are diving, whilst making meaningful contributions towards marine conservation.

Joining the Philippine Siren in February will be Dr. Simon Pierce, a noted whale shark expert and principal scientist of the Marine Megafauna Foundation. This Whale Shark ID 6-night Safari will take place in Southern Leyte; a known feeding ground for whale sharks in the Philippines. Guests will have the opportunity to snorkel with the sharks and there are also diving options at a variety of sites in the region.

Their Reef Ecology in the Maldives safari will be hosted by Dr. Bent Christensen, a reef ecologist and professor of Earth Sciences based in Sweden. This 10-night liveaboard trip will follow our “Best of Male, Ari & Rasdhoo” itinerary, during which Dr.Christensen will give a series of presentations and divers will then be set mini tasks to complete underwater in order to test their growing knowledge of the Maldivian corals and marine life.

Following on from the success of her trip to Raja Ampat in January 2013, marine scientist Charlotte Caffrey will join the S/Y Indo Siren once again for a 10-night Eco-Expedition in Komodo. Guests may learn about reef conservation, ecology and regeneration specific to Indonesia’s reefs whilst enjoying up to 32 dives in one of the World’s top dive destinations.

Dr. Gregor Hodgson, founder of the Reef Check Organization, will host a 7-night trip aboard the S/Y Philippine Siren. Having joined in 2012, he is keen to return to the Southern Visayas to teach more Siren Fleet guests the Reef Check Eco Diver certification and add to his existing research of the reefs in this region. Having founded one of the first marine protected areas (MPAs) Dr. Hodgson is able to impart superior knowledge of the Philippines’ reefs and marine life.

Trip Dates:-

11-17 February 2014      Whale Shark ID with Dr. Simon Pierce

23 April- 03 May 2014   Reef Ecology with Dr. Bent Christensen

24 June- 04 July 2014  Eco-Expedition with Charlotte Caffrey

12-19 July 2014             Reef Check with Dr. Gregor Hodgson

For further information on any of the above mention trips or to reserve your space, please contact

or visit Siren Fleet’s website

Dive Training Blogs

Jump into… IDC’s and what to expect



Looking at becoming a PADI Instructor? Why would you not, it is the best job in the world! Getting to become a PADI Instructor though is sometimes a scary process… or so I have heard…. It really isn’t, trust me! It’s actually pretty fun. 

The first thing I always like to get people to remember is their Open water course. When you started did you know everything about how the equipment worked? Did your instructor expect you to know all of the skills before they showed you them? No? Well, guess what, the IDC is a course too. It is about preparing you and working with you to give you the tips and tricks to not just pass your Instructor Examination (IE), but to prepare you for teaching your own students. 

I am well aware that there are courses out there that just teach you how to pass, and I am by far not saying that I have the best IDC in the world. I don’t, and I learn all of the time myself. There’s always an instructor that comes along in the dive season doing something a different way that I pick up and use. We learn all of the time, and is the only way that we ever get better. So to clear up that misconception, the IDC is not just a stepping stone to the IE and you are not expected to know everything before you come along. 

So, what does the IDC actually involve. Theory… obviously. You are going to need to have a knowledge of physics, RDP and all of the other topics that you will have covered throughout you diving levels. The theory side is the ‘boring’ part… I mean, we all dive for the water, no?! But, it is an important part and it’s going to help you be able to explain how to use the equipment, how it actually works, and the other questions that your students are going to be curious about. This section is all about developing your knowledge of those sections.

The water side then, confined water and open water. The fun parts! In short this is where we are going to go through the course skills and see how everyone does them. There is no perfect way for this… you do not have to play Simon says on the course… your way may be better than everyone else! What we will do though, is work with you to make sure that the demonstration is clear, concise and controlled to demonstrate to your students. Again, there is no expectation to be perfect before you come. We want you to ask questions, we want you to make mistakes… because that is how we learn, and most of all, how we get better. 

The other part of the in water activities, aren’t just about the skills though, it is also about your control under the water. We want to make sure that when you head out with your own students, that you are comfortable and can control the situation. Not something that comes to us all naturally straight away, but with coaching on the IDC, I am sure that you will get to this point before the end!

Last but not least, the course standards, content and rescue scenarios. All of this is in place to make sure that you understand the syllabus for each of the courses that you are going to be able to teach, and just as importantly, you are able to effect a rescue if the situation ever presented itself. A gloomy but important situation to think about. 

And after all that… voila! Thats it, the IDC! After completion there is then the ‘scary’ IE with the PADI examiners… they aren’t actually that scary, I promise! The two day IE basically covers what you have learnt in the IDC. No surprises, you are assessed on exactly what you have covered.

So stop putting off your IDC. If you love scuba and want to make it your career. Do it! 

Clare began Duttons Divers at just 19 years old and a short while later became one of the world’s youngest PADI Course Directors. Find out more at

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Final few days to enter the OrcaTorch Search for Atlantis photo competition



You have until the 1st June to enter this unique underwater photography competition that only allows images that depict cave or wreck diving. This unique competition encourages underwater photographers to get creative with their lighting and will be judged by a team of OrcaTorch Brand Ambassadors.

After the final round of entries this week, the competition will move to the second phase where the public can vote for their favourite images, via the OrcaTorch Facebook group, to narrow the field down to the final 10 for the judges to deliberate on.

OrcaTorch are offering a range of their diving lights as prizes for the winners.

For more information about the rules and how to enter the competition click here.

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