Sign Petition Urging Tuna Brands John West and Princes to Fish Sustainably


Upsetting footage showing ocean wildlife being caught and killed unnecessarily in vast quantities has just been made public.

The fish are being caught using fishing aggregation devices (FADs) that attract species such as rays, turtles and sharks — as well as the tuna they’re aiming to catch. Massive quantities of sea life, including those that are at risk of extinction, are considered useless “by catch” and die unnecessarily.

By 2050, we face the world’s stocks of seafood collapsing if we continue at present rates of destruction by over-fishing.

The main perpetrators of these destructive, unnecessarily wasteful fishing methods are tuna brands Princes and John West. They made promises to go FAD-free — but now they’re going to break their promise publicly. If enough support is gathered to end this senseless and unnecessary killing of marine life, these companies can be forced to fully adopt — and stick to — more sustainable practices like pole and line fishing, before it’s too late.

Sign Greenpeace’s petition to urge tuna companies Princes and John West to stop using FADs and demand they stick to sustainable fishing methods here.

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