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Si Tech announce new Dry Glove Systems for SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring



SI TECH launches three Dry Glove Systems that connects with SLÄGGÖ Flex ring; NEVA, OBERON and LIANA.

SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring provides the opportunity to change wrist seals instantly, without gluing. SI TECH has now developed three versions of Dry Glove Systems for SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring – to give the diver the opportunity to choose the system that is best for his/her diving needs. All three systems are easy to mount, easy to use Dry Glove Systems designed to perform – no matter the diving environment.

NEVA is an easy to use “pull over” Dry Glove System. The NEVA Ring is installed into the SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring and a latex glove or a PVC glove with extended latex cuff is pulled over the NEVA Ring. The glove can be secured with a thick O-ring.

OBERON is a version of the VIRGO/Glove Lock QCP Dry Glove System. With OBERON you get the possibility to use a similar system as VIRGO/Glove Lock QCP, but it is compatible with the SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring (instead of QCS Oval/Quick Cuff).

LIANA is a version of Quick Glove that is compatible with the SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring (instead of Quick Cuff/Quick Clamp).

“We have developed three versions of Dry Glove System to give the diver the opportunity to choose the system that is best for his/her diving needs” says Jonas Axelsson, Managing Director of SI TECH AB.


SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring is available in size L, but is planned to be launched also in size S and M. When the smaller sizes of SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring are on the market, more sizes of NEVA, OBERON and LIANA will be launched; NEVA in size S, M and L, OBERON and LIANA in size M and L.


  • Connects with the PU-Ring of SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring.
  • User friendly.
  • Accommodating most hands.
  • Fits to most common dry gloves.
  • Sturdy construction.

For more information please visit the Si Tech website by clicking here.

Gear News

Jeff chats to… Sean Webb, Director of O’Three, about diving in the UK and the O’Three brand



In this exclusive Zoom interview, Jeff Goodman, Scubaverse Editor-at-Large, chats to Sean Webb, Director of O’Three, the well-known UK-based manufacturer of custom drysuits and wetsuits.

After a bath time quarrel with his sister, Sean’s Mum taught him a lesson.

She held his head underwater for what she thought was long enough for that lesson to sink in (We are talking the mid 60’s here), but the lesson learned wasn’t the one that was intended. It was then that Sean realized he was comfortable, in or under the water. He was six.

The coasts of Devon and Dorset became his playground. 17 years later, with a trip around the world and some incredible diving under his belt, Sean Webb founded O’Three.

Now in its 32nd  year, O’Three has evolved from a business with roots that are unashamedly rooted in UK diving, to a niche brand being enjoyed all over the world by discerning recreational, technical and commercial divers alike.

Find out more at

Rather listen to a podcast? Listen to the audio HERE on the new Scubaverse podcast channel at Anchor FM.

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Gear News

Fourth Element release new freediving suit



For 20 years fourth element have been pioneers of underwater thermal protection, experience they now bring to freediving.

Designed for recreational freediving, their new RF collection uses a optimum combination of Glideskin, Smoothskin and lined neoprene to maximise your freedom in the water, allowing you to focus on your breath, visualise and reach your limit.

The 3/2mm RF1 suit is easy to don, yet effectively sealed by Smoothskin seals at the wrists, ankles and neck. A ‘black-out’ zipper and robust inner linings ensure that this suit is more versatile than open cell suits, but water ingress is minimised keeping you warmer for longer.

Glideskin panels over the shoulders and along the legs give excellent stretch, improving fit and hydrodynamics, while subtle knee protection and more durable linings elsewhere ensure that this suit is practical for freediving in many environments.

The RF1 suit can be combined with the new RF vest to enhance thermal protection. This creates 6mm on the critical torso area and 3mm protection for the head, keeping suit flush to a minimum without adding restrictive bulk.

Discover the Recreational Freediving collection HERE

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Explore the amazing triangle of Red Sea Reefs - The Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone on board the brand new liveaboard Big Blue.  With an option to add on a week at Roots Red Sea before or after. 

Strong currents and deep blue water are the catalysts that bring the pelagic species flocking to these reefs. The reefs themselves provide exquisite homes for a multitude of marine life.  The wafting soft corals are adorned with thousands of colourful fish. The gorgonian fans and hard corals provide magnificent back drops, all being patrolled by the reef’s predatory species.

£1475 per person based on double occupancy.  Soft all inclusive board basis, buffet meals with snacks, tea and coffee always available.  Add a week on at Roots Red Sea Resort before or after the liveaboard for just £725pp.  Flights and transfers are included.  See our brochure linked above for the full itinerary.

This trip will be hosted by The Scuba Place.  Come Dive with Us!

Call 020 3515 9955 or email

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