Scubaverse talks to James Rogers from RAID UK at DIVE 2014 (watch video)


In this exclusive video shot at DIVE 2014, talks to RAID UK & Malta’s Director of Business Management James Rogers about the training agency’s plans over the coming months.

[youtube id=”1FEpoaQOeKk” width=”100%” height=”400px”]

To find out more about RAID an the courses they offer, visit



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Team Scubaverse

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One Reply to “Scubaverse talks to James Rogers from RAID UK at DIVE 2014 (watch video)”

  1. Whilst it’s always good to see any new dynamic approach to SCUBA and especially training, I’m unsure as to what makes RAID different to any of the other existing and established agencies.

    If the reference to 24×7 training simply means that the theory can be conducted on-line, then there’s nothing new in that concept.

    For example SDI/TDI have provided on-line courses for years, and promote current methods of training across their entire curriculum, making every level of diver and instructor grades possible with consistently high standards.

    Maybe I need to actually see the differences in reality before making any final conclusions.

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