RAID releases two new rebreather manuals at DEMA 2015


RAID has announced the release of two new Rebreather Manuals at the DEMA Show 2015. The dive training agency has developed “equipment specific” eManuals for both the revamped Poseidon Mark 7 CCR and Oceanic Explorer. Both are extremely popular brands within the growing rebreather market.

Hollis Explorer - Academic TrainingOn making the announcement, RAID’s International Training Director Paul Toomer said: “RAID has taken not only the lead in developing online training eManuals for CCRs as far back as 8 years ago when our Founder Barry Coleman wrote the online training manual for the Poseidon Mark 6, but also rather than just having one generic CCR manual as some other training agencies do, we continue to write specific eManuals for each brand of CCR. We take the view that just one generic manual does not suit all CCRs. This philosophy at RAID improves the learning experience for RAID CCR divers by focusing on the actual kit they will essentially be using and also supports the RAID CCR Instructor by making the online theory and in-water components of the RAID CCR Courses more instructor responsive. Of course with the quality control system that RAID has in place across all its programs, means everyone is assured of the quality of training received.”

RAID CEO Jim Holliday said: “While we at RAID are fully aware rebreathers are currently still a niche activity and market for many, RAID’s heritage lies in tech. This is a field in which RAID still dominates while we have expanded strongly into all corners of diver training. Having said all that, most agree rebreathers are going to be the kit of the future. So there is an immediate need for a training agency like us to step up with our strong sense of support for our industry partners. These partners include Poseidon and Oceanic, both of whom have invested heavily in rebreather technologies and deserve our support. By giving them the online training manuals that are essential for safe diver education, we are also acknowledging they are amongst the ones that are making diving more exciting and attractive with their new technology releases. These are developments the entire dive industry needs to address and support for us all to prosper and grow.”

“We at RAID feel a partnership of this kind with equipment manufacturers is not something training agencies should be afRAID of, but rather it is an acknowledgement we are all in this together and how awesome the dive industry really is. For RAID the release of these 2 rebreather eManuals for Poseidon and Oceanic is not the end, but really the beginning. We will be, and are already in the process of, creating a number of other tools to help assist with the growth of CCRs. For example, my team already has two other CCR eManuals well into the development stage and even more at the concept stage in support of other CCR manufacturers. All we at RAID ask is that the dive industry supports us by utilising these products when they become available,” added Toomer.

To learn more contact your local RAID Regional Office or find all the information you need on all RAID programs at and on freediving at You can find RAID’s Facebook page here.

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