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Be Aware of Failure Points

The final in a series of three excerpts from Simon’s new book: Scuba Exceptional… Ian back-rolled into the water and dropped down fast to 20m,...

BCD Solutions for the Slight

The second in a series of three excerpts from Simon’s new book: Scuba Exceptional… Many people, especially those of a smaller build, are frustrated because...

I have Air but I can’t Breathe…

The first in a series of three excerpts from Simon’s new book: Scuba Exceptional… This is Cat’s story: “I was swimming along, relaxed and enjoying...

New Ideas on Narcosis

In the first in a new series adapted from his latest book, Scuba Physiological – Think you know all about Scuba Medicine? Think Again! best-selling...

Scuba Professional: Column No. 6

School’s Out! When is a technical dive not a technical dive? When complacency sets in, even the most experienced of scuba divers can make mistakes...

Scuba Professional: Column No. 5

Where Diving Is New Simon Pridmore imagines what it must be like to be a new diver in Indonesia, where, until recently, going underwater was...

Scuba Professional: Column No. 4

“How Did That Get in There?” Simon Pridmore looks at the common practice of filling scuba cylinders while they are standing in water and asks...

Scuba Professional: Column No. 3

Where’s the Oxygen? Simon Pridmore looks at how prepared dive operations really are to deal with a diving accident and suggest that we ask one...

Scuba Professional: Column No. 2

Sabotaging the Industry from Within Simon Pridmore argues that the poor treatment meted out to new scuba divers could be a significant factor contributing to...

Scuba Professional: Column No. 1

The Buddy System: Smart Idea or Recipe for Disaster? Are you always safer diving with another person or are you actually better off diving solo...

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