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Drift Diving – Considerations before your first experience

By Roy Cabalo Every diver has their preferred dive, be it reef, wreck, or cave diving.  And every diver knows that each type of dive has...

Are you ready for your next course?

By Jesse Iacono Nothing matches the excitement of taking a new scuba course to explore new skills, equipment, and environments.  It isn’t hard to see why...

Scuba Poker: A navigational training exercise

By Jeff Bozanic In most scuba courses, underwater navigation using a compass is generally one of the least enjoyable activities that a diving student will be...

Scuba Diving: It’s Not Just for Vacation

By Dillon Waters The days of scuba diving being considered a bucket list item you check off on a random tropical vacation are long gone....

Skill-Building Scuba Games

By Jesse Iacono Contributors: Mark Phillips, Thomas Johnson, Christopher Richardson, Dillon Waters Scuba divers are a fun-loving group of individuals; that’s the point of the...

Aquarium Dives: To count or not to count?

In the quest to further our scuba training, the question is aquarium dives: to count or not to count?  The qualifications require a minimum number of...

Cave Diving Etiquette

By Jon Kieren When it comes to cave diving etiquette, people have a lot to complain about.  Pages upon pages of shaming and bashing exist...

Reasons Why Scuba Diving is the Perfect Activity for Couples

By Cris Merz and Sally Camm It is Valentine’s Day and you are looking for something fun and different to do.  Most couples have a...

Five Tips for Divers with Back Problems

By Roy Cabalo As a long time diver, and now instructor, that has suffered from back problems for many years, I’ve come to a general set...

How to Build a Diving First Aid Kit

by Dillon Waters Whether you are new to the sport or you’ve been instructing divers for years, a first aid kit is something every diver...

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