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Oxygen Toxicity

By: Gemma Smith The existence, development, and continuing survival of human life is nothing short of incredible. This is especially true when we consider how...

Six ways to make a difference while diving

By Frederick “Rick” Allen If you’re a scuba diver, chances are you already care about protecting the ocean. Things like cutting back on single-use plastics...

Technical Wreck Diving in Northeast Brazil

By Richard Streeton Apart from the remote Atlantic archipelago of Fernando da Noronha, Brazil is not a world-renowned technical diving destination. However, for the informed...

DIVE ODYSSEY: A Day in the Life of… an Underwater Actress (Watch Video)

Gemma Smith talks about her role in Dive Odyssey. You can watch this amazing short film here:   The sport of diving always reminds me...

Winter is coming: Staying warm while diving in winter

By Gemma Smith Winter is indeed coming. There is no denying it, as much as we all may like to. People used to joke to...

The world would be an even better place with more scuba divers

By Joe Stude Now that’s a bold statement. It’s a twist on The world would be a better place if… rant many of us have...

Overhead Environments: Cave vs. Advanced Wreck

By John Bentley Being underwater is a ton of fun. Being inside things that are under water can be even more fun. Seeing the galley...

Improving your dive performance and comfort isn’t a massive stretch

By Kristen Fassolas Stretching isn’t just for those who don tight leggings and own a yoga mat. Good flexibility can help improve your scuba diving...

Just the tips: logbook advice for new divers

By: Jesse Iacono Depending on how you treat your logbook, logging dives can be seen as a chore, or it can be seen as an...

Drift Diving – Considerations before your first experience

By Roy Cabalo Every diver has their preferred dive, be it reef, wreck, or cave diving.  And every diver knows that each type of dive has...

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Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village is a Bedouin-owned resort with stunning views and a lovely private beach. It is ideal for divers as everything is onsite including the resort's jetty, dive centre and house reef. The warm hospitality makes for a diving holiday like no other. There is an excellent seafood restaurent and beach bar onsite, and with the enormous diversity of the Sharm El Sheikh dive sites and the surrounding areas of the South Sinai, there really is something for every level of diver to enjoy.

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