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Preventing flooded battery compartments in your Shearwater Petrel dive computer



Shearwater Petrel

ShearwaterResearch2This is a brief guide on how to prevent the battery compartment of your Shearwater Petrel dive computer from flooding.

Flooded battery compartments are often due to a battery cap that was not  tightened sufficiently.

When a dive computer comes in for repair from a reported flood or moisture problem, it is always tested with the original parts in a pressure pot at a depth of 270ft, or 82.296m. This is done for several hours to find the location of the suspected water leak.

When tightening the battery cap, it is best to use a large coin like a US quarter. Smaller coins, like nickels or dimes are not recommended. The preferred method is to tighten the battery cap down all the way once, wait a few seconds, and then tighten it again. This is called the “Double Tight” check.

It is also a good idea to check the o-ring for dirt and debris (anything that will cause a sealing problem) when you remove the cap for a battery change. Be sure to keep the O-ring lubricated, but not overly, as it can make it difficult to see if there is anything that could prevent a proper seal. Another good practice is to check the battery cap from time to time for tightness between changes.

I hope this information will help you from having any problems. Please feel free to pass this along to others who own a Shearwater Petrel.

Happy Diving!

To find out more about Shearwater products visit

Curt started diving in 1970 and is currently CCR Trimix Certified. He has been working as the Shearwater US Sales Representative and Service Center for over 9 years.

Miscellaneous Blogs

5 Women Divers With YouTube Channels That Inspire Divers Ready (Watch Video)



Another in the series of weekly videos from Divers Ready! This video was originally produced to coincide with PADI Women’s Dive Day 2019 but it’s worth celebrating everyday!

Ahead of PADI Women Dive Day 2019, it seemed appropriate to shine a light on the awesome content these 5 women divers are putting out.

We made this as a tribute video to 5 female rockstars of the diving world whose YouTube Channels have inspired Divers Ready in one way or another.

Links below! Head over and hit their subscribe buttons!

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Miscellaneous Blogs

Diving The Wreck Of The S.S. Sapona, Bimini: A Sordid History! (Watch Video)



Another in the series of weekly videos from Divers Ready!

Probably the SHALLOWEST wreck I have ever dived, but one with a truly sordid history. I give you the S.S. Sapona!

It’s really a fun wreck to scuba dive or snorkel with tons of iconic photo and video shots, but more than that, we wanted to share with you the history of the S.S. Sapona, which draws from both world wars, the prohibition and the Great Depression and includes a whole host of interesting characters.

On top of that, the wreck features amazing coral growth! She has been sunk since 1926, so she’s a fully matured reef system now.

The S.S. Sapona for me is Bimini in the Bahamas’ can’t miss, must dive site, and with its sordid history, I believe this dive belongs on every diver’s bucket list.

Thanks you to the team at Bimini Undersea for taking us out in such style! Do me a favor TEAM DR, show Bimini Undersea some love… Connect with them here:

To book your Sapona adventure, email my buddy Pablo at and tell him I sent you!

ALSO…. Check out Drone Pilot Carl Treyz’s awesome YouTube channel packed full of epic drone shots and bodacious fishing adventures at

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