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22 Reviews on “Buceo Anilao Beach and Dive Resort”

22 reviews
  • Vickie Elson

    We stayed at the Buceo Anilao in April and we loved our stay the room was spacious and the bar and restaurant were so nice to hang out in. The food was great and the Diving beyond fabulous. I suspect the diving was so great because of the guy that we had. He found so many incredible tiny things that I didn’t even know existed! And that has hospitality was incredible. The owner was always around and always able to solve any problem that came up, though I can’t remember any coming up that were of any consequence. I really can’t wait to go back again.

    1. Dood Santos

      Thank you Vickie! Can’t wait for your next visit! 🙂

  • Alexis

    We spent one week at the beautiful yellow resort last May.
    The diving was incredible, with the most marine macro biodiversity I have ever seen, and a critter bucket list more than fully checked !
    The Buceo Anilao staff were so welcoming, kind and willing to make our experience perfect. The diving professionals are very experienced and taught us a lot about underwater photography.
    Highly recommend !

    1. Dood Santos

      Hey Alexis! Thank you for the awesome review! Until next time! See you in Bangkok, Thailand, or here for your next visit! 🙂

      1. Virginia Labelle

        A true divers’ paradise! I keep coming back because of the great hospitality and amazing dive guides who can spot everything! Highly recommend!

  • Claudia

    Das Resort Buceo in Anilao ist für mich ein ganz besonderer Ort. Bereits bei der Ankunft beginnt das “Wohlfühlen”.
    Der Empfang ist äusserst freundlich und sehr herzlich.
    Für mich als Alleinreisende ist das von bedonderer Bedeutung. Hier verbringe ich gerne Zeit, denn ich treffe hier Menschen mit gleichen Interessen, kann aber auch Zeit für mich alleine verbringen um abzuschalten.
    Die Bungalows haben schöne Zimmer mit Meerblick. Die Verpflegung bietet für jeden etwas passendes
    Beim Tauchen erlebe ich immer wieder sehr tolle Augenblicke.
    Hier gibt es eine sehr grosse Anzahl an unterschiedlichsten Critters.
    Nudis trifft man hier in vielen Formen und Farben.
    Es ist immer wieder ein tolles Erlebnis. Dank dem Guide kann ich wunderschöne Bilder von unterschiedlichen Critters auf meiner Kamera festhalten
    Mich zieht es immer wieder ins Buceo.

    1. Dood Santos

      Danke Claudia! Looking forward to having you with us again! See you in Zurich in September? 😀

  • Richard Todd

    Richard Todd:
    I found Busio Analou to be the best complete resort in the area. As an underwater photographer I was very impressed with their camera room. It it was spacious and had individual areas with high pressure air hoses to blow off your camera and lights. The sleeping accommodations were very spacious and very comfortable. The two pools were an added plus there was a separate massage area that was very comfortable. That being said the diving in the area is second to none. From the time they pick you up at the airport and bring you to the resort in just under 2 1/2 hours he will feel refreshed and ready to do your first dive.

    1. Dood Santos

      Hi Richard! Thank you so much for the Review! It was awesome having you and Vickie with us and we can’t wait for your next visit! Take care!

  • Virginia Labelle

    Visited for my third time last February and I can’t say enough good things about Buceo Anilao: excellent diving, terrific dive guides, great accommodations and delicious food. And I love the camera room! As a dive instructor and trip organizer, I’m always looking for dive operators who are safe, professional, and fun – absolutely describes Buceo Anilao! I look forward to my next visit!

    1. Dood Santos

      Hi Virginia! Thank you so much for the heartwarming review! Always a pleasure having you with us! See you soon! 😀

  • Gee Magno

    Amazing guides, staff and food.
    Wait that’s just the extra, the main was how professional all the dive team made our stay very memorable. Every dive turned to be a great dive no matter what the weather was. They always find sites where the dives are safe. They always find critters and sites that keeps us amazed.

    We will definitely come back to this paradise and highly recommend to any diver out there wanting to see the beauty of Anilao 6stars to you guys if I can.

    1. Dood Santos

      Hi Gee! Thank you for the 6 star review! Hahaha! We’ll keep up the good work! See you soon! 🙂

  • Maria Micaela Bautista

    Excellent service, high quality equipment, well trained staff across the resort and safety is always the Priority! A must go to place. They have a scenic view, spa, great meals, a nice pool overlooking the beach, and the rooms are spacious and clean!

    1. Dood Santos

      Hello hello! Thank you for taking time to review our resort! Let’s dive soon! 🙂

  • Benyamin Zoughi

    best ever Diving team , Well organized, lovely place , masarap food , peaceful to stay

    1. Dood Santos

      Hi Ben! Masarap food with be hot and ready for your next visit! Thank you for the wonderful review!

  • Yeray

    Buceo Anilao Beach and dive Resort es sinónimo de excelencia , una empresa por y para el buceo . He podido alojarme y bucear con ellos y ha sido una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido en una vida llena de viajes de buceo . Una empresa muy familiar con un equipo de trabajo inmejorable. Lo recomiendo 100%

    1. Dood Santos

      Hola Yeray! ¡Gracias por la maravillosa reseña! ¡Mantendremos nuestros excelentes servicios y esperaremos su próxima visita! ¡Nos vemos pronto!

  • Todd Morris

    Amazing dive resort with fantastic service and facilities. A great location within driving distance of Manila makes for a great extended weekend of diving with no flights required.

    1. Dood Santos

      Hi Todd! Thank you for the short but sweet review! We look forward to hearing from you again! 🙂

  • Josep Clotas Miquel

    Un resort excelente….en todos los sentidos.Muy recomendable.

    1. Dood Santos

      Hola Josep! ¡Muchas gracias! Esperamos tenerte de regreso con nosotros. ¡Trae a tu familia la próxima vez también! 🙂

  • Marilyn Taleon

    I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve visited Buceo Anilao; it has to be approaching 10 (or more)! There is a reason I’ve come back so many times; it is the PEOPLE and the SERVICE. At this point, they feel like family; and they always greet me when I return with a ‘welcome home, Marilyn’. Yes, the diving is spectacular; I still see new things on every trip. Reef? Check! Muck? Check! Black water? Check! Even wreck (my beloved Daryl Laut). The dive shop has staff to satisfy your every need; I had an equipment failure and they were able to help me identify the problem and in many instances they can even fix it. Those same staff are your dive guides; all well trained in spotting the critters you’ve come to see. Just give them your bucket list at the beginning of the week and they will do their best to help you tick off all the boxes. While we’re talking about the dive staff; let me just say that I REALLY appreciate that they set up, carry, and clean all the gear for the entire length of the trip! Of course, if you’re one of those people who like to do it all yourself, they’ll accomodate that too…but for this older lady, I really appreciate that help! The camera room is honestly the best I’ve seen…and I’ve seen a lot in my 20+ years of diving. The rooms are comfortable; the aircon ALWAYS works as does the hot water shower. There is always fresh drinking water in the room as is a kettle for tea/coffee. The food is excellent; I personally prefer to order ala carte rather than go with the set menu as I like to enjoy my favorite Filipino foods repeatedly throughout the week. The bar is the hub of after diving socializing; great drinks, happy hour specials, and books to help you answer the inevitable questions you have about the critters you saw. The sunsets from the bar are spectacular! Don’t miss my favorite drink, the frozen mojito. And definitely stay at my favorite resort in the area, BUCEO ANILAO.

    1. Dood Santos

      Hi Marilyn! Thank you for your overwhelming support! This is OUR HOME and you are part of the family! We can’t wait for your return! Counting the days until your next visit! Take care! 🙂

  • Sheila Mckay

    We stayed at Buceo at the end of February, the hotel room was good with amazing views of the sea & sundown.
    The diving was beyond amazing , so many critters just everywhere. The guides found critters so small I needed my magnifying glass to see then.
    We will definitely be back for more critter hunting.

    1. Dood Santos

      Hi Shiela! Thank you for the review! We’ll show you more critters when you return! Get that magnifying glass ready. 🙂

  • Maggie

    I love Buceo Anilao. I’ve visited three times and it’s wonderful everytime. Lots and lots of nudibranchs (they vary with the seasons) and other creatures. Sombrero Island has great corals. The food and accommodations are great too.

    1. Dood Santos

      Hi Maggie! Thank you for the review! We look forward to your next visit! 🙂

  • Dianne Suter

    My husband and I have stayed at Buceo Resort many times and we find the resort to be up there with the best. From the accommodation, camera room and restaurant it is all first class. The staff are always amazing cheerful and always willing to help in any way possible. The camera room is one of the best we have used. The dive deck is first class and the boats are fantastic. The dive guides are able to find the tiniest of critters and we are never disappointed. We are back again in October and are counting down the days

  • Thomas Zumbrunnen

    I am very much looking forward to my next visit in spring 2024. The team, the good food, the very well-kept resort and of course the diving team that leaves nothing to be desired…

  • Erik KF Goossens

    Being a very ambitious UW-Photographer (initially focused on macro) I ‘discovered’ Buceo Anilao Resort in 2014 as they had just opened for business: I was immediately hooked on the diversity of the dive sites and was also blown away also by the professionality of the dive guides & staff of the resort. The ‘yellow resort’ soon became my favorite 2nd home and a ‘must-come-back-ASAP’ destination: after more than a dozen visits, I am still impressed upon every stay, not just discovering new critters and options (Blackwaterdiving just to name the hottest for now) but also going home with loads of arguments to come back again and again. Feeling blessed to be taken in by the staff (more like being regarded as a friend or family member than just being a guest)! Anilao, and especially the Buceo Anilao Beach & Dive Resort never disappoints!

  • Val Sakhnenko

    Photographic Paradise – Excellent Resort, Exceptional Staff, Fantastic Diving, Great Value

    Following a friend’s recommendation, we had made reservations for a two-week stay at the renowned Buceo Anilao Beach & Dive Resort. The booking process was seamless, as we directly communicated with the resort.

    Our superior room, Jaw Fish, provided an ocean view with a gentle shade from surrounding trees. The accommodations, though simple, were comfortable. Each superior room has a small balcony furnished with cozy chairs, which quickly became our favored spot for relaxation.

    Nestled on a hill, the resort demanded a fair amount of climbing, guaranteeing daily exercise. Even in our relatively low-lying room, we found ourselves ascending an average of over 30 flights of stairs per day during our two-week stay.

    The resort catered exceptionally well to underwater photographers and videographers, with an array of facilities to support their needs. Traditional Filipino boats called “bangkas” served as our diving vessels. While the boats lacked rinse tanks, the resort itself featured four large rinse tanks exclusively for cameras. The camera room, though not air-conditioned, was well-equipped, complete with air guns to aid in equipment maintenance.

    Throughout our stay, I completed a total of 36 dives, including three night dives and two black water dives. Anilao is known as the “The Nudibranch Capital of the World,” and it certainly lived up to its reputation. These vibrant and intricately-patterned creatures adorned the seafloor, their dazzling colors and delicate forms captivating our attention. But nudibranchs were not the only critters that enthralled us during our dives. Anilao’s waters teemed with a plethora of fascinating marine life: seahorses, ornate ghost pipefish, frogfish, octopuses, rhinopias and many other critters and fish.

    For the duration of our stay, we were fortunate to have Jimson assigned as our dive guide. Jimson’s unwavering support and expertise proved invaluable, taking care of our heavy camera rig, assisting with critter spotting, and even capturing stunning videos.

    After exhilarating dives, we savored tranquil moments at the resort. Two large swimming pools provided the ideal gathering spot to witness breathtaking sunsets, while indulging in rejuvenating massages during the afternoon, highly recommended by my wife.

    The resort’s spacious restaurant offered a diverse selection of delectable meals and refreshing drinks. However, we did encounter some limitations regarding specific dietary requirements, such as vegan options. While the menu did feature several vegan dishes, their selection was rather limited.

    The resort staff exemplified exceptional warmth and helpfulness, always ready to assist with any needs or inquiries. It was evident that several fellow divers were repeat customers, attesting to the fact that Buceo Anilao is considered one of the premier resorts in the area. We, too, were captivated by our experience and eagerly anticipate returning to this remarkable destination in the future.

    For more information about diving and the resort, you can check my video-report about this trip, “Wonders of Anilao | A Colorful Marine Adventure | Scuba Diving in the Philippines in 4K”, on my you tube channel.

    In conclusion, our first expedition to Anilao proved to be an unforgettable journey of discovery. From the awe-inspiring underwater wonders, including the magnificent nudibranchs, to the friendly faces at Buceo Anilao Beach & Dive Resort, every aspect of our trip left an indelible mark on our hearts. We departed with newfound skills, cherished memories, and a deep appreciation for the remarkable beauty that lies beneath Anilao’s waters.

  • Alberto Cumellas

    I have been diving over the past 20 years in many places and in different countries. Some of the best & cheerished diving memories I have, are from Buceo Anilao. Have been fully enjoying my diving vacations 3 times already, in year 2015, 2016 and again, in 2019. Every time, my expectations were surpassed by an excellent & friendly staff and management. I took very special underwater photos of the most incredible creatures… always, with the help of the best divemasters at the resort. Excellent rooms with great views, confortable diving boats, professional underwater guides, detailed resort facilities, tasty restaurant food, and the best filipino massages. In my opinion, is one of the best resorts “money can buy” to fully enjoy your diving vacation in the Philippines.

  • Magnus Lundgren

    Wow! Anilao and Buceo Dive Center is such a a great place to do underwater photography from. The location, the diving, great marine biodiversity, skilled guides and flexible staff and small diving groups. I am a professional photographer since 30+ years and I bring out groups and run workshops all over the World.

    Buceo dive center, with Dood and Dave at the rodder, is such a gem to visit. The macro photography and the dive guides are world class, the black water diving as well and I was surprised and impressed by the reefs and wide-angle options available. All just some hours south of Manila. Buceo in Anliao is a wonderful place for a diving holiday, ezpecially with your underwater camera, and a perfect option if you want to extend your Philippine-trip with extra days or an extra week. Highly recommended by me. I go back in a few months time with a group of divers and photographers. Visually yours, Magnus Lundgren

  • Jan Hetherington

    We have been diving for 30+ years and this is categorically the best dive resort we have visited. The diving is fabulous but this is amplified by the highly skilled resort dive guides. The diving is so incredibly well organised – minimal waiting around – boats well set up and plenty of room. Equipment well taken care of especially large SLR cameras which we both have. Staff fabulous. Everything is geared around diving and nothing is too much bother. Night diving available and black water diving well thought out and organised. Dinner is not rushed and you can eat later if you are night diving. Gorgeous little bar area. Lovely pool. Great food – again efficiently delivered and super tasty. Staff wonderful. Fabulous resort that we now come back to every year. The only downside is that it makes every other dive resort disappointing! Really can’t thank the team enough for all our visits to date.

  • Devyn Winner

    I stayed at Buceo in July and absolutely loved it! The hospitality was great, with very friendly and helpful staff. The pool is beautiful. The food is good with large portions.

    The dive staff is very knowledgeable and all work together to find the guests the smallest, most amazing critters. If you tell them what you want to see they will go out of their way to try and find it for you. My regulators were leaking from multiple places day one, and the dive shop guys fixed them up for me no problem!

    If you’re a photographer, this place is just perfect. The dedicated camera room is super convenient. Many of the dive guides seem to have photography experience. Enzo was my guide and helped me a bunch with tips for angles/lighting. I also lucked out and had my trip overlap with the resort’s photographer – Erik – who helped me level up my photography skills big time! He gave me a whole new perspective on lighting, angles, approach, etc. after only a few days diving with him and working on the tips he gave me I was taking the best photographs I ever have. If you are ever there when he is, try to snag some one on one lessons – totally worth it! He is super creative and knowledgeable.

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22 Reviews

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