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8 Reviews on “Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort”

8 reviews
  • Krishna Gonzaga

    We stayed here last March 2023. The best place to chill and relax plus the sumptuous food “kudos to the team”.

  • Pamela Young

    We have been to Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort several times and love the place so much that we decided to get married there – Since both of us are experienced scuba divers, we wanted to get married under water along with our family and friends.

    The Hotel was very accommodating and played a big role in getting everything organized – We basically just got our friends and family there and they made the rest of it possible.

    11 guest needed to get their open water Certification and a few needed DSD in order to attend the wedding, which the dive center handled perfectly, while the already certified divers went diving every day.

    The hotel also arranged wedding planners, who toke care of everything related to the wedding, which was amazing, since we had our hands full with +30 guests, who had never been to the Philippines before.

    Everything was perfect – Service, food, diving and accommodation

    Feel free to check the wedding video on Youtube :

  • Martyn

    We came here with the hope of seeing threshers sharks. We were not disappointed. We were lucky enough to dive with Dave the Divemaster, and saw upto 10 threshers on every dive. Great food, cocktails and service at the hotel. The very early start is essential if you want to see the threshers. An amazing experience. Thank you

  • David Medhurst

    We had a fantastic trip here with Oxford Dive Centre in April 2023. The staff were extremely friendly, accomodation was good and the food was first class. Not only did we see threshers sharks every time we went looking for them, but the other dive sites were also excellent – particularly for macro encounters. So great diving in a beautiful location, a wonderful resort and happy helpful staff – who could for anything more?

  • Sebastien

    It was a great experience for me and my family. From hotel, food , dive and service were excellent. I have nothing bad to say. I want to send my special thanks to Jerby and the rest of the dive staffs, they were great and did excellent assistance. And to the rest of the staffs in the hotel and in the restaurant THank you so much.

  • Donald

    This was my first visit to the Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort having dived extensively in SE Asia. The resort was recommended to me by an experienced dive instructor in HK and by my son who dived with his partner in Malapascua a few months earlier. The resort and the diving was extremely well organised, comfortable, chilled, with knowledgable, helpful and experienced dive masters. In the evening, the menu choice to cater for global nationalities was legendary and never grew old. Importantly, WiFi was stable and never went off line. I had 30+ dives over the 10 day period I was there. My first day sums up the diving: thresher sharks, seahorses and mandarin fish (dusk to night dive)….what more could you ask for? It was a great combination of macro and pelagics to experience and photograph. And more firsts……blue ringed octopus on 2 separate dives, an electric clam and more threshers!!!! There is something for everyone here in a very comfortable resort

  • Fred Turoff

    Anyone travelling to Malapascua is probably wanting to see thresher sharks. There’s good news – the sharks have moved from Monad shoal at 90’ to Kemud shoal at 40-80’, so there is much more time to enjoy them. Our group, assembled by “At the Water’s Edge” in MA via “Philippine Dive Holidays” in England, stayed at Exotic Dive Resort on the southeast corner of Malapascua. Traveling to Cebu, the big island below Malapascua, was made easy as Qatar Airlines flies directly to Cebu City from Doha, and we flew non-stop to Doha from various cities. Since there was a long layover between flights, we all made reservations in the Al Maha lounge in the Cebu airport, which gave us food, showers and relaxing/sleeping areas between flights. The Cebu airport is lovely as well, with plenty to do if you don’t want to stay in the lounge. To help us transition to Cebu time (12 hrs different from the east coach US) we first spent 2 nights at Bluewater Maribago Resort in Mactan. It’s a several hour ride north to the upper tip of Cebu, where you catch a half-hour boat ride to Malapascua. Our group was greeted by many staff and processed easily. The rooms were quite well-equipped and the restaurant offered many fine choices of food and drink. Breakfast was buffet style, while lunch and dinner were ordered from the extensive menu. The spa offered massages for less than $15/hr, of which I took full advantage.
    The dive operation worked smoothly. Boats (pangas) loaded on the beach, and dive gear was all aboard for us. One could board dressed in a wetsuit or put it on once aboard. Photographers could carry their gear or the staff would offer to do that. There was always a helpful hand available. A dedicated camera rinse tank was in the dive prep area but there was no camera room, so cameras were carried from and to rooms. I did 15 dives in the 6 days we dove, including one evening-night dive to photograph mandarin fish. Since Philippines is in the Triangle of Biodiversity, there were so many species of fish and corals to see and enjoy. We visited nearby Gato Island twice for a change of scenery. The variety of fish ran the gamut from Bargibanti pygmy seahorses to those beautiful, cooperative thresher sharks. There were plenty of ghost pipefish, anemonefish, butterflyfish, nudibranchs, shrimp and crabs. Our sub-group’s dive guide, Jervie, did an excellent job of pointing out many of these.

  • Richard

    We stayed here to dive with the Threshers and had a great time with a comfortable room etc. Our last day was ruined however when we got our bill and found that a large surcharge was being added because we were paying by card. Considering that most bills would be large and there are no ATMs on the island it was a real kick in the teeth and although the receptionist assured me that somewhere in the small print it was spelled out, it really left a sour taste in our mouths and I would like to alert potential customers to this underhanded charge.

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8 Reviews

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