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3 Reviews on “Magic Oceans Dive Resort”

3 reviews
  • Caroline Robertson-Brown

    Simply wonderful! Great staff, accommodation and food. The diving is out of this world.

    1. Cynthia - Magic Resorts

      Thank you so much for leaving us this great review, Caroline!

  • Sean Chinn

    I visited Magic Oceans back in 2018 and had the most incredible week. It’s so quiet diving there and was perfect for a photographer taking their time with the macro subjects. Me and 2 other photographers with an amazing guide and spotter could really enjoy sites to ourself in this quiet paradise. So much to see as well, including my favourite critters – flamboyant cuttlefish, blue ringed octopus and Pygmy seahorse. After an amazing day Magic Oceans was a great place to relax and take in the amazing surroundings and enjoy the pool. Plus the food was excellent and the staff accommodating. Well recommended

    1. Cynthia - Magic Resorts

      Thank you so much for your lovely feedback, Sean! We hope to see you back in Anda again one day.
      We’ve recently discovered some exciting new critters, including the Tiger Shrimp, Leopard Shrimp and the black Hairy Frogfish!

    2. Etienne Hartman

      2006, 2007, 2010 We viseted Magic Island and in 2015 and 2019 Magic Oceans. Both resorts are fantastic but have their own character. The staff is so cordial and professional: you feel if you are in heaven. Nature underwater is wonderfull! Just visit one or both resorts and you will experience it yourself. For the underwater photographers: every you need is just there.

  • Kristiaan Boschman

    I combined Magic Island in Cebu and Magic Oceans in Bohol two times now for two weeks of fantastic diving. Both are amongst the best places in the world for scuba diving. Everything from snorkling and diving with whale sharks down to tiny pygmee seahorses. The divemasters are outstanding. They know the divesites very well and will show you all the amazing beauty around. The services in the resorts are just great. Friendly staff, very nice food, comfortable bungalows with (silent, well-working) airco. The dive teams will pamper you all the way, from bringing your dive gear and camera’s to the boats, helping you in and out of the water, very professional. Nice boats. Overall very easy diving, some walls have current, so these are drift dives : the marine life on the walls is passing by like a in a film. The deep ocean water pushed through the Lembeh Strait generates an abundance of marine life. The variety is enormous and the corals are very healthy. One of the few places on earth where they have resident whale sharks – filmed one in the wild passing by during a wall dive – my divemaster went crazy! – and even a resident school of sardines (for those who can’t follow the sardine run in South-Africa!). Clear, warm waters. My all-time favorite divesite (up to now) is Lamanok Island. The resorts arrange a seamless pickup and transfer between the two resorts. Love to be there.

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3 Reviews

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