Petition launched to save one of overhead diving’s greatest treasures


Photo: Sami Paakkarinen

Cave, mine and technical divers are being asked to lend their support to a petition to re-open the renowned Ojamo mine in Lohja, Finland.

This old limestone mine, which was operational from the early 19th century until the 1960s, is situated around 60km from Helsinki. It has a fascinating history: during the war with Russia which Finland entered in 1939, the mine was turned into a makeshift prison camp!

Over the years since the mining was stopped, water has filled its passages and it has become one of the top diving destinations in Scandinavia.

Photo: Sami Paakkarinen

Ojamo mine was closed at the end of 2019; the reason is unclear. Divers are now being urged to sign a petition to get this beautiful and historical mine reinstated as a dive site.

You can access the petition here:

Gemma Smith writes about her experience diving the Ojamo Mine on the PADI blog here

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