A Postcard from Curaçao | Episode 1 | Willemstad Curacao


More than ever, we all need a little extra sunshine in our lives… so here is the first in a series of postcards to inspire and soothe. Many thanks to our friends at Dive Curacao for letting us share this series.

We are all isolated now, but we can still dream of a place where we would rather be.

It has been said that we should be patient in a storm and focus on the sunshine after. But we all know that these days have not been easy.  Starting today, Nature Pics Films and Dive Curacao have teamed up to bring you weekly “Virtual Postcards from Curacao”.

We hope this will bring a moment of joy and tranquility to your day so you can dream of our beautiful island.

Please stay healthy and safe.  We hope to see you soon for your next vacation to the heart of the Dutch Caribbean, so you can Feel it For Yourself! #postponedontcancel

Sincere Love from Curacao,

Bryan Horne, Dive Curacao

Tilo and Yvonne Kuhnast, Nature Pics Films

Video produced and edited for Dive Curacao in cooperation with Nature Pics Films.

Bryan Horne

Bryan Horne

Bryan Horne wasn’t born in Curaçao; he’s a Canadian native, drawn to the Island “out of a passion for scuba diving and the underwater world.” Moving was always going to be a life-changing decision, but in diving, Bryan had found his calling. As the founder and owner of Dive Curaçao, he spends his days showing off Curaçao’s hidden undersea treasures – and does his part to preserve them for future generations.

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